45 celebrity diets deciphered

The stars are ready to do anything to lose weight, even sometimes to try wacky diets … High protein, Dukan, baby food, Atkins, Weight Watchers: an overview of 45 celebrity diets, explained in detail.

Constantly in the spotlight, stars always want to be on top of their form, showing off a perfect line. And to do so, they do not hesitate to adopt all kinds of diets, from the strangest to the most famous. We can decipher 45 celebrity diets, more or less effective …

Sharon Stone and the IG diet

To keep her perfect figure after 60, Sharon Stone uses the GI (Glycemic Index) diet developed by Canadian researchers David Jenkins and Tom Wolever. Initially designed for diabetics, this diet aims to replace foods with a high glycemic index with foods with a low GI in order to encourage the body to use fat for energy. Sharon Stone can therefore eat, at will, fruits, vegetables and legumes, as well as cereals, bread and pasta in moderation.

Kate Middleton and the Dukan diet

It was to fit into her royal wedding dress that Kate Middleton started the famous Dukan diet, based on a high protein diet for rapid weight loss. The 1st phase of attack allows you to eat only proteins for 5 days, before entering the 2nd phase of cruising offering an alternation between the days of pure proteins and the days when certain green vegetables are authorized. Allow 1 week per kilo to lose. Finally, the 3rd consolidation phase reintroduces a few categories of food (fruit, starchy foods, cheese) daily. If the Dukan diet allows rapid weight loss, it has several drawbacks: a frequent yo-yo effect, high risks of deficiencies, significant fatigue or constipation.

Kate Middleton © Arrizabalaga Facundo/PA Photos/ABACA

Amel Bent and the Weight Watchers diet

Thanks to the Weight Watchers program, Amel Bent lost 12 kilos, thus becoming the brand’s ambassador. Operating on a points system, this very flexible program is developed according to gender, age, weight and height to ensure adequate nutrition. The singer emphasizes: “This is not a diet. It is a program to relearn how to eat. You can have fun without feeling guilty.”

Amel Bent © Laurent Zabulon / ABACAPRESS.COM

Kim Kardashian and the Atkins Diet

To eliminate the pounds gained during her second pregnancy, Kim Kardashian followed the Atkins diet which allowed her to lose 25 pounds in less than a year. Developed in the 1970s by Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins, this diet aims to remove carbohydrates from their diet, by favoring proteins and good fats, contained for example in avocado, nuts or even salmon. The good thing about the Atkins diet is that you don’t have to count your calories for rapid weight loss.

Kim Kardashian © Behar Anthony/SAPS/ABACA

Jennifer Aniston and the Detox Diet

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is a follower of the detox diet which consists of purifying her body to facilitate the elimination of toxins and fat. Exit alcohol, coffee and sugar: make way for fruit, vegetables, lemon juice, herbal teas and foods rich in omega 3. If this method allows Jennifer Aniston to adopt a healthy diet and conducive to the elimination of the bad fat, it offers slower weight loss than other diets.

Jennifer Aniston © Lionel Hahn/ABACA

Marilou Berry and therapeutic fasting

Marilou Berry © Dominates Jerome/ABACA

Gwyneth Paltrow and the raw food diet

Gwyneth Paltrow follows the “raw food” diet, literally “raw food”, which consists of eating foods (fruits, vegetables, fish and some meats) exclusively raw in order to keep all the vitamins and minerals. Developed in the 1950s by Ann Wigmore, this diet focuses on organic, plant-based gold unprocessed food in order to lose weight. However, it is important to note that cooking also kills bacteria in food.

Gwyneth Paltrow © Lionel Hahn/ABACA

Victoria Beckham and the alkaline diet

The secret of the wasp waist of Victoria Beckham ? The alkaline diet , the principle of which is to reduce the acidity of the body, maintaining its pH between 7.35 and 7.45. To do so, it is necessary to eat 80% of foods that are alkaline (fruits, vegetables, nuts) and 20% acidic foods (meats, fish, coffee, dairy products, alcohol). Thus, the meal of the ex-Spice Girl, consists of smoked salmon, grilled fish, sushi, and fruit smoothies.

Victoria Beckham © Marechal Dawn/ABACA

Beyoncé and the vegan diet for 22 days

Beyoncé does swear that by the method of “22 days vegan challenge” to lose weight. Designed by Marco Borges, a successful author of New York Times and CEO of the company 22 Days Nutrition, the plan express presents itself as a cure 100% vegan, consisting of fruits, vegetables, seeds and vegetable protein. With a regular sporting activity, the scheme seems to be effective to lose a few pounds quickly.

Beyoncé © Lionel Hahn/ABACA

Nicole Kidman et le jeûne intermittent

The intermittent fasting (or “intermittent fasting” in English) is to alternate between a period of fasting for 16 hours and a period of food intake. During this window of 8 hours, it should be lunch at noon, take a light snack at snack and dinner before 20 hours, at the latest. The benefits of this plan are as much physical as psychological, as the followers, such as Nicole Kidman, lose the weight, but also learn to listen to their body, controlling their food cravings.

Nicole Kidman © Hahn Lionel/ABACA

Véronique Genest and the low calorie diet

After you have stopped smoking, Veronique Genest took 18 kilos, she wanted to lose by going to Brides les Bains, a thermal spa famous in the Alps, combining spa treatments, weight loss program and physical activity. Based on a low calorie diet, the diet followed by the French advocates for the decrease in the intake of fats and sugars. Results : 5 pounds lost in two weeks !

Véronique Genest © Moritz Thibaud/ABACA

Adele and the plan Sirtfood

Adele has melted following the plan Sirtfood : less than 45 kilos on the scale ! Made popular by Pippa Middleton, this program boasts that associate thinness and delicacy as it allows in particular to consume red wine and chocolate. The principle is to eat foods that are acting on the enzyme proteins (the ” sirtuins “), which would increase the body’s ability to burn fat. Among these “super-foods”, we consider the blueberry, cabbage, kale, onion, olive oil, nuts, or even the matcha green tea.

Adele © Hahn Lionel/ABACA

Angelina Jolie and the plan of seeds old

The seeds were old, and were the place of honour in the diet of Angelina Jolie who consumes at each meal. As well, the actress adds chia seeds, buckwheat or even quinoa in its plates, and never goes out without have snacks containing these seeds old. Angelina Jolie sure that this diet helps slim down, while offering more radiant skin and healthier hair.

Angelina Jolie © Aurore Marechal/ABACA

Reese Witherspoon and the regime of small jars for babies

To lose the pounds taken during her third pregnancy, Reese Witherspoon has opted for a specific system : one of the “baby food”, which consists of eating small jars of baby as soon as the feeling of hunger is felt during the day and eat a normal meal at dinner. If the small pots for baby have the advantage of being low in calories, they do not fill the appetite. The hunger is constant and the scheme is expensive.

Reese Witherspoon © AFF/ABACA

Madonna and macrobiotic diet

A native of Japan, this method of slimming is to sort the foods into two categories, yin and yang, according to their colour, their texture or their taste. It is recommended, in this diet, not to consume foods that are very yin (refined sugar, alcohol, raw vegetables, nuts), nor the products very yang (meat, poultry, coffee, spices). For a balanced meal, one should eat foods that are located between these two extremes, such as legumes, white fish, or even the whole grain cereals. Attention to the shortcomings with the macrobiotic diet because the allowed foods are limited.

Madonna © Van Tine Dennis/ABACA

Jennifer Lopez and diet “no carb, no sugar”

Jennifer Lopez arrives to keep an exceptional line after 50 years in the making challenges in food to boost his body. His latest success : the “no carb, no sugar challenge”, which is to eliminate starches and sugar for 10 days. The singer told the site The Cheat Seat : “The first and second days, one realises that one is addicted to sugar. It is like a drug. Now when I eat a piece of fruit after 10 days, he will have the same taste as a Sundae“.

Jennifer Lopez © UPI/ABACA

Sophie Favier and the diet 1200 kcal/day

Sophie Favier has succeeded in its goal of losing 15 pounds in 3 months through a weight loss program developed by nutritionist Laurence Plumey, who has restricted calories to 1200 per day. This diet consists of three meals-a good breakfast, a balanced lunch and a light dinner), with a small snack to the taste. A weight loss program stringent application of the discipline.

sophie-favier-system-1200kcal day
Sophie Favier © Berzane Nasser/ABACA

Heidi Klum and the high protein diet

The secret slimming of Heidi Klum after 4 pregnancies ? The high protein diet of the dietician David Kirsch who advocates the consumption of foods rich in protein, like meat, fish, dairy products or nuts. This scheme works because the proteins have the advantage of bringing a greater feeling of satiety than fats and carbohydrates. In addition, their digestion consumes more energy, which helps burn calories. Thus, the loss of weight is rapid, while maintaining his muscle mass.

heidi-klum-system-high protein
Heidi Klum © AFF/ABACA

Demi Moore and the regime “The zone”

Developed in 1995 by Dr. Barry Sears, the diet “the Zone”, also called the “regime of the middle way” aims to stabilize the blood sugar level of the body and maintain a normal level of hormones responsible for the storage of fat. To do that, he should lower the daily calorie intake to 1500 kcal with meals made up of 40 % carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. In addition, two snacks are allowed because it is not necessary to spend more than 5 hours without eating with this diet. Thus, one loses weight with the belly filled.

Demi Moore © Mirador Sthanlee B./SAPS/ABACA

Jessica Biel and the paleo diet

The paleolithic diet is to get back to the diet of prehistoric man, because it would be more suited to our physiological needs. Popularized in 1985 by Dr. S. Boyd Eaton, this diet program favors lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables and oils are non-transformed. It prohibits grains, legumes, dairy products, carbonated drinks, sugar and processed products. This diet works by removing starchy foods and industrial products, and offers a full filled by the lean meat, and fiber.

Jessica Biel © Hosain Munawar/Startraks/ABACA

Katy Perry and the diet mushrooms

The principle of the M-Plane (mushroom plan) is to replace one of their meals a day with a plate only filled with mushrooms for 14 days. According to Katy Perry, this diet would specifically target the thighs, hips and arms, without losing the chest. This low calorie diet is, of course, a solution which is not recommended, which will, of course, lose a few pounds quickly, but that does not find a good balanced diet in the long term.

Katy Perry © De Boer Sara/Startraks/ABACA

Sonia Dubois and his method “Maigrissons ensemble !”

The French actress has developed her own method, which is explained in his book “Maigrissons ensemble !”, that combines a strict diet and exercises. The supply side, it starts with a “Emmaus”, which consists of emptying the cupboards of biscuits, cold meats and other sweets. Comes together the plan of 4 weeks consisting of 5 meals a day : breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Results : Sonia Dubois has lost 50 kilos in several months.

Sonia Dubois © Orban Thierry/ABACA

Charlize Theron and the system Mac Keith

Designed by the nutritionist scottish Gilian Mac Keith, this slimming program is more than a diet, since its creator especially wants you to relearn how to eat. This method, which lasts 32 days, is to follow the recipes to the nutritionist, to choose organic food and non-industrial, and to remove the bad sugars, the exciting drinks, such as tea and coffee. In addition, this plan begins and ends with 2 days of detox. The advantage of this diet is that there are no restrictions, and that it offers 6 small meals during the day.

Charlize Theron © Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM

Miranda Kerr and the diet by blood group

Titled of the book “4 blood types, 4 diets” of naturopathic physician Peter Adamo, this diet is based on the idea that our blood type reflects the diet plan of our ancestors, and that it should determine our current diet. It is a method of slimming which is appreciated by Miranda Kerr, the blood group A, who must, therefore, focus on a vegetarian diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals. If the book of Dr. Adamo was a great success, no scientific study has been able to prove the benefits of this diet, which seems to mostly work through the placebo effect

Miranda Kerr © People Picture/Splash News/ABACA

Christina Aguilera and diet “the Fresh diet”

Christina Aguilera has lost 5 sizes in 1 year thanks to the diet “the Fresh diet” the principle of which is simple : be limited to 1600 kcal per day, divided into 3 meals and 2 snacks. The menu “Fresh diet” of the singer : the apple and quinoa at breakfast, red meat, and grilled tomatoes for breakfast, tuna, sweet potatoes and cauliflower at dinner. Accompanied by a sport activity, this high protein diet has melted the American.

Christina Aguilera © Hahn Lionel/ABACA

Megan Fox and the regime “5-factor”

Developed by Harley Pasternak, fitness expert popular in Hollywood, this plan is called “5-factor” because it is based on 5 principles : for 5 weeks, it takes 5 meals a day (3 meals and 2 snacks) for a total of 1000 to 1200 calories. In addition, the dishes must contain 5 food : proteins, good fats, starchy foods index low glycemic, fiber, and water. Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green are fans of this plan that fulfills the satiety.

Megan Fox © Lee Young-ho/SAPS/ABACA

Kim Cattrall and the regime “Souch beach diet”

The eternal Samantha in the series Sex & the city maintains its line of wasp, even after 60 years, thanks to the regime “South beach”, taken from the book “The South Beach Diet” the nutritionist american Dr. Agatston. The first step, which lasts 15 days, suppresses the carbohydrates to begin a rapid weight loss. During the second phase, these carbohydrates (only those in the low glycemic index) are reintroduced gradually into the diet, before moving on to the third step of finally adopting these dietary guidelines to maintain a perfect line.

Kim Cattrall © Steven Bergman/AFF/ABACA

Mariah Carey and the diet low fat

If Mariah Carey has undergone a lot of changes in weight over her career, she seems to be stabilising, thanks to the diet “low fat” which advocates eating foods that are low in fat. Accompanied by regular physical activity, this strict diet can allow you to quickly lose your extra pounds, provided you adopt it gradually in order to avoid fatigue.

Mariah Carey © Behar Anthony/SAPS/ABACA

Drew Barrymore and the regime “Beauty detox solution”

Drew Barrymore is a follower of the regime “Beauty detox solution” taken from the successful book of the same name written by Kimberly Snyder, an expert on fitness. Based on organic food, with fresh products and of season, this slimming cure limit animal protein and promotes the power plant, which, according to the creator of the diet, helps to fight aging. Meals of the actress includes a lot of green vegetables, nuts, quinoa, coconut and avocado.

Drew Barrymore © Brown Jackie/Splash News/ABACA

Gisele Bündchen and the plan vegetables + whole foods

To keep the line, Gisele Bündchen and her husband Tom Brady are calls for the head of Allen Campbell, who cooks all the meals of the couple. In an interview with the magazine Boston, the chief detailed the plan of the top model and the footballer : “80% of what they eat are vegetables. And a lot of seeds : brown rice, quinoa, millet, beans. The remaining 20% are of the lean meat“. In this diet , dairy products are prohibited, and the sugar is not brought by the fruit.

Gisele Bündchen © DDP Images/ABACA

Elizabeth Hurley and the diet soups of watercress

Elizabeth Hurley has a secret weapon to lose 4.5 kg in 1 week : the diet of watercress soup ! British star admits drink at least 6 cups per day when she wants to quickly get rid of a few pounds. She said the site of the Dailly Mail : “It is fat-free, low in calories, full of vitamins and iron, and it is quite delicious to serve at dinner”. This plan is, obviously, not recommended in the long term, the risk of having significant deficiencies.

Elizabeth Hurley © Smith Jason/Everett Collection/ABACA

Kourtney Kardashian and the ketogenic diet

The older sister of Kim Kardashian is clouded by the desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For its line, Kourtney account on the ketogenic diet , or keto , which is to remove the sugars in favor of foods that are highly rich in good fats. (red meat, fatty fish, avocado, coconut oil). Why does it work ? Deprived of sugar, the body will tap into its fat reserves, which will enable an effective weight-loss. In addition, fats have the power to feed more than sugar, perfect to avoid the cravings.

Kourtney Kardashian © Simon Michael/Startraks/ABACA

Sarah Jessica Parker and the regime Shapiro

The method of Dr. Howard Shapiro is based on the principle that we must first become aware of the foods that we eat, before changing his eating habits. To do this, he must keep a logbook in which you note what you ate, at what time and in what context (hunger, greed, sadness, etc). According to Dr. Shapiro, as a student this newspaper, you can find oneself a mode to supply more healthy, with good reasoned choice. So, instead of rushing on a square of cheese, Sarah Jessica Parker opt instead for a vegetable soup, with the same caloric intake, but who will have the benefit of the satiate. Thus comes the weight loss.

Sarah Jessica Parker © Nacion, John/Startraks/ABACAPRESS.COM

Cameron Diaz and the regime “Lunch box diet”

Cameron Diaz gets to keep his fine line and athletic thanks to the “Lunch box diet”, the “plan of the lunch box” in French, which is to eat small amounts during the day, in order to be satisfied while allowing the stomach to shrink gradually. This diet focuses on breakfasts, contained in the “lunch box” which should consist of 60% vegetables, 30% protein and 10% of condiments. The other meals are free, but must remain balanced, which offers a good choice of food varied. This diet, which the weight loss is slow, is ideal for those who do not wish to restrict themselves.

Cameron Diaz © Everett Collection/ABACA

Salma Hayek and plan-juice

Salma Hayek founded, with Eric Helms of the brand’s Juice Generation, a range of juice detox called Cooler Juice, composed of a multitude of juices pressed from fresh fruits and vegetables. The actress told the british website Closer : “My skin is radiant when I finished the 3rd day of detox. I lose always weight even if this is not the primary purpose of Cooler Cleanse“. Because in addition to quickly eliminate a few pounds, this program is beneficial for good health and the routine beauty of Salma Hayek.

Salma Hayek © Britta Pedersen/DPA/ABACA

Kate Moss and the diet glow

The one they call “The Twig” has known a life of epicurean filled with excesses of all kinds. Then to try to keep the line, Kate Moss has recourse to the regime shard, taken from the book “Holistic Detox” by Dr. Joshi, nutritionist for the british. The objective : to eliminate the pounds taken because of bad habits, such as tobacco, alcohol and lack of sleep. For this, the top model is eating foods low in calories but rich in nutrients : lean meat, white fish, vegetables, wholemeal bread, etc, The more this plan ? The snacks are allowed every 3 hours. But you can not fall for a sugar factory : a yogurt or a banana are recommended.

Kate Moss © Zebulun Laurent/ABACA

Kelly Osbourne and the diet diuretic

If she has long displayed a few curves, Kelly Osbourne has managed to lose 30 kilos in two years thanks to the regime diuretic. The principle is to focus on foods that help fight water retention and cellulite, such as pineapple, tomato, bell pepper, asparagus, and whole grains. This diet is very effective for deflate, but the body may start to retain water, once the diet is completed. Weight loss is therefore of short duration.

Kelly Osbourne © UPI/ABACA

Liv Tyler and the chrono-nutrition

Eat well and at the right time : this is the motto of the chrono-nutrition, developed by the nutritionist frenchman Alain Delabos. Followed by Liv Tyler , who wanted to lose a few pounds, this diet consists of eating all the food, but at specific times of the day, where they are most useful. As well, the actress eats fat for breakfast, heavy lunch, sweet in taste and light for dinner. The goal is to respect the natural rhythm of the body, to avoid the storage of fat.

Liv Tyler © Piovanotto Marco/ABACA

Jessica Alba and the system “Clean” by Dr. Junger

The cardiologist Alejandro Junger wants you detoxify from the inside as well as outside thanks to its slimming course called “Clean”, which pleased Jessica Alba. His initial observation : the body stores toxins stored in the fat, causing various disorders : weight loss, poor sleep quality, migraines, intestinal issues… The Dr. Junger has created the program “Clean”, explained in his book to success.
For a start, the week prior to the scheme, it is necessary to operate a detox inner (stop with the tobacco, dairy products, alcohol, coffee, or even eggs), but also a detox outdoor using, for example, environmental-friendly cleaning products. We go to bed earlier, drink a lot of water and it turns to the organic food. During the cure for 21 days, it is appropriate to take a breakfast liquid (smoothie, juice), lunch, solid but light (salad) and a dinner liquid (soup, soup). Finally, it is important not to eat anything after 19: 30 to allow twelve hours to rest the digestive system.

Jessica Alba © Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM

Queen Latifah and the plan Jenny Craig

Proud of her voluptuous body, Queen Latifah has wanted to lose weight not to appear to be more mine, but to have a better health because her family has history of diabetes. The american singer has, therefore, lost nearly 10 kilos thanks to the diet of Jenny Craig, becoming the brand’s ambassador. “I have enlisted all the world. As soon as they heard that I was doing Jenny Craig, they have all called and said, ‘I want to do it with you’”, she said in the show Good Morning America.

Queen Latifah © OConnor Lisa/AFF/ABACA

Natalie Portman and a diet based on plants

To keep his line, Natalie Portman adopts a diet focused on foods derived from plants, such as vegetables, seeds, fruits and nuts. The actress goes even further as her husband, and their children have also adopted a way of life vegan. “I also take vitamins, vitamin D, and I continue to take prenatal vitamins. I get injections of B12 once a month because it is the only thing that you don’t get from a vegan diet”, she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Natalie Portman © Lionel Hahn/ABACA

Sarah Michelle Gellar and the plan cabbage soup

When she wants to lose weight quickly before filming the movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar confesses to feed mainly of soups of cabbage for 1 week. This cure low calorie soups is combined with the consumption of fruit (except banana) and meat in small quantities. If this extreme dieting offers fast results, the nutrition experts agree that it is not a sustainable solution.

Sarah Michelle Gellar © AFF/ABACA

Penélope Cruz and the mediterranean diet

To lose weight, but also to counter cardiovascular diseases, Penélope Cruz has opted for the mediterranean diet, thanks to which it manages to stabilize at 50 kg, even after two pregnancies. This diet which is directly inspired by the eating habits of the populations located in the mediterranean promotes fruits, vegetables, good fats and whole grains. Conversely, red meat, sugar, and industrial products should be limited.

Penélope Cruz © Andrews Archie/ABACA

Lindsay Lohan and the system “Master cleanse”

The “Master cleanse” is a diet extreme that should only be done for a short period of time, since it is to feed only a drink consisting of lemon juice, Cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water for 10 days. The weight loss is rapid and extensive with this treatment, which is far from being healthy. It is strongly discouraged by nutritionists.

Lindsay Lohan © Eagle/ABACA

Jackie Kennedy and the regime of caviar

As the First lady of the United States from 1961 to 1963, Jackie Kennedy has always been very attention to her silhouette. And according to the legend, his plan was to take only one meal per day, consisting of a baked potato with beluga caviar and sour cream. A diet that is not for all budgets…

Jackie Kennedy © Photoshot/ABACA



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