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5 anti-aging masks with ingredients found in the refrigerator

Very often, a woman explains her unwillingness to take care of herself by the fact that she does not have the funds for expensive procedures and funds. Meanwhile, to become younger and with the help of those products that are in the refrigerator. To do this, you just need to know the recipes for some face masks that every woman can prepare at home.

1. Sour cream mask

Plain sour cream can be a good way to saturate your skin with vitamins and minerals. Sour cream also helps to whiten the skin, which is very important for those with age spots. All that is needed is simply to apply sour cream to cleansed skin. If the skin is of the oily type, then the fat content of sour cream should not exceed twenty percent.

Best of all, when the sour cream is natural and contains additives with the name “E”. The convenience of the mask is that it does not even need to be washed off. If tightness is felt, then it is necessary to wash off the sour cream, and then moisturize the skin with the help of an appropriate cream.

2. Honey

Honey is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients not only for the whole organism, but also for the skin. A honey mask will help nourish the skin, whiten it, and also rejuvenate it. The only condition is that the honey must not be heated. Then he will immediately lose all his beneficial properties.

To prepare the mask, take one tablespoon of honey and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. The mask is applied for 20 minutes. Then it is simply washed off with water. After that, cream should be applied to the skin.

3. Egg mask

In the case of this mask, you must immediately make a reservation: egg yolk is suitable for dry skin types, and protein for oily skin types. The yolk contains lecithin, which will remove the tightness of dry skin, and the protein. On the contrary, it will dry out too oily skin.

The mask gives an excellent effect after several times of application. 15 minutes is enough for the mask to have a positive effect on the skin. Then it is washed off with water, and a nourishing cream is applied to the skin.

4. Cucumber mask

Cucumber mask perfectly tones the skin. All you need to do is simply cut the cucumbers into circles and apply them to your face. You can do the second option. Grate cucumbers. Then put them on cheesecloth, which, together with the cucumber mass, apply to the skin.

5. Flaxseed

Women call this mask natural lifting, as it lifts the skin perfectly. For cooking, you need to pour one tablespoon of flaxseed with one hundred grams of boiled water. The next day, a sticky liquid forms. It is necessary to lubricate the skin with this liquid several times. Once one coat is dry, apply a second. At the end, you need to wash and apply a nourishing cream.

All masks are effective if applied regularly, but not more than twice a week.


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