5 beauty mistakes not to make when staying at home

Taking care of yourself is more than just an aesthetic concern. Being satisfied with your own image is good for your self-esteem. Indeed, by feeling beautiful and well-groomed, we feel more accomplished and confident. It gives us more strength to face the daily challenges, which is no denial in these difficult times. However, in taking care of ourselves, we sometimes commit small beauty mistakes that do not benefit us. so here’s the 5 mistakes to avoid to be trendy in all circumstances.

1. Pierce his buttons

Since the start of confinement, some women have noticed some differences on their skin, in particular the appearance of small pimples. These pimples can be caused by stress, indoor air and changes in habits (especially food). However, it is advisable not to touch it. Why is that ? Just because any damage to the skin leaves traces : tasks and sometimes even scars ! We therefore avoid fiddling with our face (even if it is very tempting).

2. Skip hydration

In times of confinement, some women tend to think that they do not need hydrate the skin (face and body), since their skin is no longer exposed to external aggressions. This is a very beautiful mistake! It is important to hydrate your skin dailywhether we go out or not. Especially since the hydrolipidic film (present on the surface of the skin) can be attacked by the friction of tight clothing. From now on, do not forget to hydrate your face well morning and evening with treatments adapted to your skin type, as well as your body with moisturizing milks or vegetable oils. Finally, remember that hydration comes first from the inside: drinking water is essential for healthy skin.

3. Skip the sunscreen

The beautiful days are coming and there is no question of skipping sunscreen. We often mistakenly think that sunscreen is only useful in the summer when we go to the beaches or swimming pools, but this is far from the case. Our skin needs to be protected from UVA and UVB rays all year round. So remember to apply it during your tanning sessions in your garden, or during your daily walks, however short they may be. This good habit will first protect you from premature skin aging (caused by exposure to the sun without protection), and possible illnesses linked to UVA and UVB rays.

4. Depilate excessively

To wax or not to wax: such is the questioning of many women during periods of confinement. Everyone is free to make this choice. If you choose to wax, however, if possible, be careful not to overdo it. Ingrown hairs, red patches, skin dryness … Excessive hair removal generates a lot of minor inconveniences, which you can avoid by spacing out your home waxing sessions.


5. Skip daily showers

A survey carried out by Ifop (French institute of public opinion) reveals that one in four French people do not do a “complete toilet” every day. Yet, contrary to popular belief, wash every day does not damage the hydrolipidic film of the skin (protective layer). It is enough to hydrate your skin well with a moisturizing milk or vegetable oils after each cleansing. During a pandemic, it is all the more important to adopt good daily hygiene.



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