5 beauty mistakes that make you age faster

1. Exposing yourself without sun protection

It is one of the biggest contributors to premature aging of the skin. We are of course talking about sun and exhibitions. Both UVA and UVB rays are very aggressive and cause wrinkles to be reduced and spots. To guard against this, only one solution: sunscreen. Dermatologists advise using a daily index equal to or greater than 30, even in winter !

2. Excessive scrub

While it is recommended toexfoliate facial skin once a week, absolutely avoid repeating this gesture more often. Scrubs, especially those with grains, weaken the protective barrier of the epidermis. The skin can eventually become more sensitive and more permeable to external aggressions.

3. Not getting enough sleep

You may have already seen this for yourself. After a too short night, the complexion is dull and the dark circles to camouflage more marked. To have beautiful skin, it is important to sleep at least 7 hours per night. At the same time, also have a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and fast food.

4. Forgetting to remove makeup

Why is it so bad not to Remove makeup ? Because it’s during the night that the skin regenerates. However, suffocated by makeup, the cells are no longer able to carry out this renewal. The result: the pores become clogged and bacteria thrive. In the short term, it is the assurance of having blackheads and imperfections. In the long term, you risk seeing your complexion dull and your wrinkles will be more pronounced.

5. Zap the neck and décolleté

When applying your care, be careful not to neglect your neck or décolleté to sublimate the chest. The skin being very thin and delicate, she tends to relax faster. Slow down its aging by using special firming creams. On a daily basis, when you apply your day cream on the face, also add a small amount to this area then massage the material into the skin.



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