5 beauty mistakes to avoid when the good weather arrives

The beautiful days are fast approaching: the opportunity to fill up with vitamin D, but not in any way! In spring and summer, your skin and hair do not have the same needs as in autumn and winter. so here’s 5 unfortunate habits to abandon in order to keep them healthy. Explanations with Marjorie Guerrier, skincare expert at Physiodermie.

Do not use sun protection

The sunscreen is indeed the product that should never be excluded from our beauty routine. Even in autumn and winter, it is advisable to apply it to the face. “Even in winter, UV rays pass through the clouds and reach the skin. Applying sun protection is the first anti-aging gesture to adopt on a daily basis, knowing that UVA rays damage the DNA of cells and cause spots. 90% of skin aging is attributable to the harmful effects of the sun “, specifies Marjorie Guerrier.

In spring and summer, protect your skin from UV rays (face and body) is all the more important, since the sun’s radiation is stronger. Contrary to popular belief, sun protection is not just for the beach or the pool. It is essential to apply it over your day cream, as soon as you leave your home, even for a simple routine walk. “Keeping the same sun protection all year round is quite possible for all skin types. SPF 30 is sufficient: it captures 97% of UVB rays (98% for an SPF 50), which makes it perfectly suited to effectively protect the skin “, continues the expert.

Do not protect your hair from heat

Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun is good. Protecting your skin and hair: it’s even better! They too tend to suffer under UV light. “” We must bet on nourishing care (which will help them strengthen their natural protective barrier) and sun protection to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially on colored hair. This is the ideal time to apply restorative masks or olive oil liberally (the day before shampooing for example) in order to treat all of the hair intensely, all night long “, advises the professional.

Don’t let your skin breathe

During spring and summer, the watchword is: to lighten up. As we know, heat and makeup (especially liquid, such as foundation) do not mix. It is therefore useless to abuse it in periods of strong heat. This will not hold up perfectly all day and will tend to clog the pores of your skin. “Light textures are recommended in order not to weigh down the complexion, to avoid the shine effect and to suffocate the skin, which is already prone to pollution, heat and perspiration. Tinted creams are ideal for bringing radiance and a unified complexion in all transparency. As for makeup removal, it must be done conscientiously also in summer “, advises Marjorie Guerrier.

Not taking care of your feet

During the beautiful sunny days, they are out! Who ? Your precious feet, which deserve just as much attention as the rest of your body. So it’s more than ever when to take care of it :

– Start by sanding your heels in the shower once a month.

– Exfoliate your feet every week to keep skin supple.

– Daily moisturize your feet with a specific and nourishing cream. Take the opportunity to perform a relaxing and draining massage to relieve the pressure on the arch of the foot.

A little bit of varnish on your nails, and voila: you can finally proudly unveil them!

Not hydrating enough

Moisturizing your skin is essential and this does not only happen through cosmetics. In short: we must drink enough water every day, and not just when we are thirsty. Thirst is also the first symptom of dehydration in our body. It is therefore very important to drink throughout the day, even without feeling the need (especially during hot weather). Drinking 1.5L to 2L of water per day will help you maintain hydrated skin and in good health.

Thanks to Marjorie Guerrier, skincare expert at Physiodermie for her advice.

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