5 beauty tips to look hot on Valentine’s Day

1 / Prepare your skin before makeup

Remember to prepare your skin several days before the d-day, to provide it with specific care: first, a light exfoliation to remove small dead skin and other impurities that can clog the pores; then, a cleansing mask for those who have oily skin even acne, or a nourishing and moisturizing mask for dry skin. Objective: a complexion with zero defects.

2 / Take care of your hair

To feel in the top during this romantic evening, hair care is a essential step. You can bet on a nourishing mask if they are dull, brittle and dry : the active agents will quickly penetrate into the hair fiber to reconstitute it and restore shine. If, on the contrary, your hair greases quickly, a clay sanitizing mask or lemon will regulate sebum production. In all cases, the hair will regain a healthy and dazzling shine.

3 / Soften your hands

Again, for the hands, hydration is the key so that they are beautiful and soft. Especially at the end of winter, they have been cold for several months, and can therefore have dry skin, perhaps even cracks or frostbite. Around the nails, cuticles may also have formed. The solution to all these problems: a nourishing cream specially designed for the hands. It is applied by practicing a gentle massage and insisting on the contours of the nails.

4 / bet on a bewitching look

During a date, the look is a sizeable appeal: make-up must be particularly neat. You can bet on classics that have proven their worth, such as smoky eyes or doe eyes. For the most daring, it is possible to dare a little originality while remaining on an elegant touch with graphic lines or iridescent eyeshadows. Better to avoid too flashy colors, more suitable for parties with more guests. Finally, the false eyelashes can be out to get a look of crazy charm.

5 / put the finishing touches

A beauty treatment always has a finishing touch without which it is impossible to go out. For a romantic tête-à-tête, it is obviously the perfume! Be careful to choose it: it must be adapted to your age, but especially to your personality. Woody, fruity, flowery, amber: do not hesitate to get advice whatever suits you best.

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