5 best hair straightening products

Straight hair, no section, with a natural shine, looks healthy and well-groomed. It is a pity that not every owner of the fair sex can shine with irresistible hair. Often women have to straighten their hair using all possible methods to give it a beautiful appearance.

The best hair straighteners

The most common and favorite straightening method is the hair straightener. With it, you can quickly make a sleek hairstyle. The iron is always in free and quick access, and its service life justifies the price of the device. Curly hair cannot be straightened with an iron without styling aids. In humid air, the straightening result will not last long. Frequent use of this method is fraught with the fact that healthy hair can be ruined, even when using thermal protection products.

Slightly curly hair can be straightened with a hair dryer, but this method will not work with bouncy curls. For a longer effect, apply styling mousse to slightly damp strands and use a hairdryer. The advantage of the method is its relatively low price, and the service life of the hair dryer is very long. You can smooth out the damaging effects of the hair dryer on your hair by using cool airflow. However, in humid climates, the smoothness of the hair can last less than one day.

Keratin hair straightening is a procedure during which the hair is exposed to a keratin composition, which helps to smooth the hair and give it shine. This method cannot be used during pregnancy, in the presence of seborrhea, tendency to high blood pressure, etc.

Manufacturers have developed cosmetic products that help straighten and smooth hair and are safe to use. It is worth choosing funds taking into account individual characteristics and personal preferences.

Professional cosmetics contain silicones, sulfates and oils that make the hair structure heavier, resulting in a long-lasting smoother hairstyle. Straighteners are gaining popularity at a breakneck pace, as many women dream of having smooth and shiny hair without harming her health. In addition, they are available for purchase in any professional store and in almost every supermarket, are easy to use and make the hair look very attractive.

The use of smoothing shampoos, balms and other products gives a short-term result that cannot be compared with perfect smoothness and will come out in a large amount. Curly hair cannot be straightened with smoothing products. The advantage is that these products do not change the structure of the hair and do not cause significant harm to it. However, the content of silicones and other chemical components in the composition cannot be called a plus.

Folk remedies partly cope with the problem of hair straightening. The result from their use will be short-lived and not ideal. You can, for example, use oil-based masks and use a sweet tea rinse. At the same time, olive, burdock and castor oil are perfect, and for rinsing a glass of tea for 1 tsp. Sahara.

Each woman chooses the best hair straightener for herself, based on her personal preferences. When visiting a salon for keratin straightening, you should first make sure of the professionalism of the master and the positive reputation of the institution.


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