5 best haircuts for volumeless hair

Most girls dream of voluminous hair. Unfortunately, not many people inherited a lush head of hair by nature, so the girls in every possible way try to hide the lack of volume and density. A properly selected haircut will help with this, giving volume to thin, thin hair.

Short haircuts

You can easily add volume to your hair with a short hairstyle.


The easiest way to add volume to your hair is to make a stylish bob. It is practical as styling short hairstyles does not take much time. The bob haircut is divided into several types:

  • asymmetrical bob: with different lengths on the right and left sides;
  • bob with bangs, the type of bangs is selected in accordance with the shape of the face;
  • straight bob: suitable for girls with an oval or round face;

Depending on the shape of the face and personal preferences, you can choose the option that suits you best.

Medium length haircuts

On strands of medium length, creating sufficient volume is also not difficult.


A ladder haircut is a versatile, easy way to add volume to thin, weak curls. This option is suitable for any hair structure from straight to curly. Due to the multi-layered hairstyle, the desired volume and visibility of a lush head of hair is created. The ladder can be modified to fit any type of face. For a square face, a ladder with sharper transitions and oblique bangs is suitable. For owners of a round face, the ladder will correct the shape and make it more elongated.


Rhapsody is the perfect way to achieve full length volume by overlapping strands. This hairstyle resembles a cascade, but differs in the same length of strands on the crown. Near the face, the strands are cut with a ladder. This type of haircut is perfect for those with curls. A hairstyle like rhapsody retains its shape for a long time and does not require additional time wasted on styling.

Haircuts for long hair

It is more difficult to achieve volume on long, heavy curls than on short ones, but still possible.


The cascade gives the curls lightness and makes them lush. This effect is achieved due to the stepwise shearing of the strands from the crown to the very ends, while creating a smooth transition between curls of different lengths. Depending on the type of face, the smoothness of the transitions and the difference in the length of the strands change.

The wolf

A she-wolf haircut will also help to create a voluminous hairstyle on long hair. This multi-step hairstyle has a torn-end effect produced by cutting off hair with a razor. As a rule, the strands near the face are cut shorter than the rest of the length. Such a careless and disheveled hairstyle makes thin, lifeless strands lush and thick, like a she-wolf, hair. The wolf is combined with oblique bangs. When styling curls, it is better to straighten the hair with an iron. This hairstyle suits people with any face shape, but looks better on chubby girls.

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