5 blouses that will tell you how old-fashioned you are

An integral part of a woman’s wardrobe is a blouse. It is she who makes the fair sex elegant and stylish. Every year, the fashion for everything, including blouses, changes. Some go out of fashion, others are replacing them. Some blouse models can say that a woman does not follow fashion trends.

  1. Openwork blouse

For some reason, many women are in no hurry to part with once fashionable openwork blouses, although it is high time to do this. This is because openwork is not just not relevant, but it is old-fashioned. It was replaced by chiffon and silk. Therefore, it is worth looking for blouses made of modern materials, and leave openwork only as a memory of the past.

  1. Blouse with a collar complex cut

A complex collar cut is an anti-trend because it immediately makes the figure heavier. The puffy beauty becomes even more bulky. And even the slimmest girl will gain volume. It is best to replace the intricate collar with a bow. Blouses with a bow go well with all skirts, and also look harmonious with trousers.5 blouses that will tell you how old-fashioned you are

  1. Sleeveless satin blouse

It is undesirable to wear sleeveless blouses, since you need to have an ideal arm shape to wear such a blouse. Also, satin fabric is not very well suited even for young girls, let alone adult women. Things from atlas will mature a lot. Therefore, the fair sex will look older than she really is.5 blouses that will tell you how old-fashioned you are

  1. Blouse-deception

A few years ago, fake blouses were in fashion. They were in the form of a sweater, from under which a blouse is visible. The details of the blouse are simply sewn onto the sweater. I must say that it looks rather ridiculous. The thing is neither a sweater nor a blouse. In addition, this style is no longer in vogue. You can put them away. Perhaps in a few years the fashion for them will return.5 blouses that will tell you how old-fashioned you are

  1. Blouse made of too thin fabric

Too thin fabric does not decorate the blouse, but on the contrary, only spoils it. Firstly, puffs quickly appear on such fabric, which spoil the entire appearance. Secondly, the thin fabric makes the look cheap and old-fashioned. Thirdly, the blouse is too translucent and shows all the flaws and charms. Stylists advise not to wear blouses made of thin fabric, so as not to be seen as a woman who does not understand modern fashion.5 blouses that will tell you how old-fashioned you are

To replace the above old-fashioned blouses, you can always pick up those models that will be a good replacement for what is out of fashion.

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