5 colors in clothes that will make almost any woman look old

Every woman tries to appear younger than she really is. For this, the fair sex resort to a variety of anti-aging procedures, including turning to a plastic surgeon. However, sometimes an attractive and young girl can wear clothes of a color that will make her look old before her eyes. Then all efforts and efforts go to dust. Even a young and attractive beauty seems less young and attractive. Therefore, some shades in clothes should simply be avoided. They will make everyone old.

Dark brown shades

This shade belongs to the noble, but it ages. Suffice it to recall Lyudmila Prokofievna from the film “Office Romance”. The brown suit made her a faceless “old woman”, although she was not really that. Therefore, you should not choose your clothes in such colors, especially this applies to clothing for the top. It will not change the complexion for the best.

Swamp flower

Swamp color should not be worn, as it immediately creates a feeling of ill health. There is a feeling that the mistress of the swamp-colored things is sick with something. Of course, a woman with an unhealthy complexion simply cannot look young. It is worth considering this feature when choosing a wardrobe.

Mouse color

In order not to be considered a “gray mouse”, you should not choose clothes of a mouse color. It is nondescript and will not adorn anyone, not even young girls. There is no need to talk about women over 40. It is for this reason that stylists do not advise mature women to wear such age-related things.


It would seem that fuchsia makes the image bright, the woman becomes attractive. Of course, the brightness is present. But along with this, age is added. Only a few are suitable for this shade. Basically, almost all women seem to be wearing fuchsia clothes older than their years.

Dark purple color

Even the smallest wrinkles will become more visible if a girl tries on a purple item. This is a cold tone that has a gray undertone, which will make the skin of fair-skinned women just shine through. This color is simply not suitable for dark-skinned beauties.

You should carefully consider the choice of clothing and pay attention not only to the style, but also to the color. To do this, it is best to study the color types and find out which one the woman belongs to. Then it will be possible to create a wardrobe that suits each particular woman.

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