5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut

Hair is a decoration of a woman, but for this it is necessary to give it a beautiful shape and color. The wrong haircut can play a cruel joke with your appearance. What are the most common mistakes girls make when choosing a hairstyle?

Wrong length

The length of the hairstyle can only be selected individually. It all depends on the oval and facial features, someone should never try to get a boy’s haircut. And too long hair has no volume and goes only to young girls. They will play a cruel joke with older ladies, creating an anti-lifting effect, in which it seems as if the facial features have floated.

5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut

At the same time, short haircuts are not for everyone, as they expose many of the imperfections of the neck and face. If the lower third of the face is full enough, then it must be framed with strands, and not open. The best length for women is shoulder-length hair.

5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut


The bangs suit almost no one, this hairstyle is created for little girls or extravagant fashionistas. A straight cut can add several years to a woman. Too short options make the face look square and rough. The best solution is asymmetrical bangs that fall gently to the side of the face.

5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut

Trendy haircuts

Often women come to the salon with a desire to try something new and light up with the idea of ​​shaving off their temples or the back of their heads, and then cutting their hair short. But this is a very big mistake, which they begin to regret a couple of hours after a session with a hairdresser. Firstly, the shaved parts will grow back for a very long time. Secondly, these hairstyles are not suitable for work in many places.

5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut

All strands are the same length

Straight haircuts are suitable only for young girls. Women should still opt for textured haircuts when the strands have different levels and lengths. This haircut adds volume without styling and looks very stylish.

5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut

Old-fashioned haircuts

It’s hard to believe, but some women still cut their hair under a hedgehog, and leave long strands at the bottom, or they choose a haircut for a pot, or some other incomprehensible hairstyle that is out of date.

5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut

The most fashionable and beautiful haircuts at the moment are the graduated bob, bob and its elongated version, as well as a cascade.

5 common mistakes when choosing a haircut


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