5 common reasons for a failed tattoo

In order not to waste time on constant eyebrow adjustments, many women resort to tattooing. So the eyebrows always look neat, they do not need to be dyed and adjusted constantly. You don’t need to tint your lips every two hours and be afraid that the lipstick will go beyond the contour. However, the result is not always pleasing to the woman. This happens for several reasons.

  1. Wrong sketch or lack of it

Some girls choose the wrong sketch themselves and then remain unhappy. It is better to immediately tell the master about this so that he draws a new sketch than later to be dissatisfied with the work.

Sometimes novice masters do not apply a sketch at all, but do a tattoo right away. Then the woman cannot see what will happen.5 common reasons for a failed tattoo

  1. Sketch by pattern

It is wrong to do a tattoo by a template. Many women are not suitable for a patterned drawing. Therefore, it is necessary to have a tattoo artist who approaches each client individually, takes into account all the features of her face. You especially need to be attentive to mature women. One wrong stroke and all the wrinkles are emphasized. They will become more expressive, and the woman will look older than she really is.5 common reasons for a failed tattoo

  1. Wrong color

A common mistake that occurs when tattooing eyebrows and lips. If you introduce black pigment, the eyebrows will turn blue, as this is how they will look on the skin.

The color depends on how deep it is under the skin. In addition, factors such as chronic diseases, hormonal disruptions and even the amount of trace elements in the blood can affect the color.

An experienced craftsman selects the color according to the skin type.5 common reasons for a failed tattoo

  1. The pigment is blurred

It so happens that a woman has blurred spots after tattooing her eyebrows or lips. They look messy and spoil the whole look. This happens for the reason that the coloring pigment is inserted too deeply. If the paint gets into the subcutaneous fat, then a blurred stain will necessarily form.

  1. Collagen and elastic fiber injury

If the pigment is injected too deeply, elastic and collagen fibers are damaged. As a result, vesicles form, which then turn into colloidal scars. They require treatment.

If a girl wants to get a tattoo of her eyebrows or lips, she should contact a good artist. Otherwise, you will have to risk your health.5 common reasons for a failed tattoo


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