5 defects in appearance that are actually highlights

Magazine cover models become ethanol. Looking at them, many dream of being like celebrities with perfect looks. But looking at the reflection in the mirror, only imperfections are visible.

A person fixated on shortcomings begins to have complexes. It seems to him that those around him only notice his defects in appearance. In refutation of this, psychologists argue that features in appearance are a highlight. But you need to learn to accept yourself.

It is worth noting that celebrities also have external defects. However, they have millions of fans, these are examples to admire and follow. Therefore, you can perceive the nuances of your appearance not as a flaw, but as a resemblance to a star.

Chorbinka between teeth

The gap between the front teeth is a common object for the development of complexes. A chipped hole is considered a cosmetic defect that is recommended to be eliminated in childhood. The interdental gap appears due to:

  • inconsistencies in the size of the teeth in relation to the jaw;
  • improper placement of the buds, which leads to deformed tooth growth;
  • too early removal of one or more teeth, due to which the dentition shifts;
  • bad habits (for example, thumb sucking in childhood).

Eliminating the gap is a difficult procedure, so you have to live with such a flaw. Because of the gap between the front teeth, the “defective” person is embarrassed to smile. And while laughing, he covers his mouth with his hand.

However, the adorable chink between the front teeth is considered a highlight. According to men, she gives girls a special charm.

Famous people also had complexes about such a defect. The non-standard position of the teeth often became the reason that they were denied work. But still, these women were able to achieve world fame.

The most famous “defective” personalities are Madonna, Vanessa Paradis, Ashley Smith. Among Russian stars, Masha Tsigal, Irina Toneva (Fabrika group) and Lena Temnikova are not ashamed of their peculiarities.


Oddly enough, but women perceive freckles on their faces as a serious defect in their appearance. Trying to hide the flaw, a huge amount of cosmetics begins to be applied to the face. Foundation, powder, blush help to make the face clean, without numerous spots. However, the makeup layer looks like a ridiculous mask.

In fact, freckles on the face look cute and add romance to the image. Men claim that a girl with freckles is especially tender. For example, actor Jack Nicholson admitted that Lara Flynn Boyle won his heart not with her beauty or charisma, but with the presence of a huge number of freckles on her face.

Hare lip

A cleft lip is an abnormal condition that is a congenital abnormality. Most often associated with fetal injury. Also, the birth of a child with a cleft lip can provoke the expectant mother to smoke during pregnancy.

Oral splitting is quite common and causes a person to feel inferior. And in vain.

People with a cleft lip are very different looking and that makes them stand out from the crowd. And celebrities are even proud of the zest in their appearance. The most famous personalities with an unusual lip shape are Andrey Makarevich (Mashina Vremeni group), Masha Malinovskaya and Karmit Bachar (Pussycat Dolls group).

Asymmetry of the eyes

As you know, the right and left halves of the body are located asymmetrically. However, sometimes the difference is too noticeable, which causes a person to feel self-doubt. The most common cause of such complexes is a strong asymmetry of the eyes.

Women try to hide the defect with makeup. But it really isn’t worth doing. Different eye sizes add maximum mystery to the look.

The most famous person with obvious asymmetry of the eyes is Paris Hilton. The secular lioness admits that she developed a defect due to numerous plastic surgeries and the constant wearing of eye lenses.

But Paris is not seeking to fix her flaw. She believes that with him, on the contrary, she looks the most seductive. One eye seems to be slightly squinted, giving the girl a touch of sophistication.

Protruding ears

They were teased at school with lop-eared. Childhood grievances can last a lifetime and lead to an inferiority complex.

People with protruding ears try to hide the defect under the hair. But for men it is quite difficult. Because of their overly protruding ears, guys are embarrassed to meet girls, fearing rejection due to their apparent imperfection.

Hollywood is full of women with protruding ears. Despite their defect, Julia Roberts, Emma Watson and Sophie Marceau are considered very beautiful.
But according to statistics, women consider lop-eared men sexy. For example, Daniel Craig (the last James Bond) has topped the lists of the most desirable men on the planet for many years.

Any defect in appearance can be presented as a highlight. The main thing is to love yourself and feel confident in your own attractiveness.

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