5 essential information on the delisting of homeopathy

It is not reimbursed because it is considered ineffective

Studies prove otherwise“, assures Dr. Monique Quillard, homeopath general practitioner. The most recent is EPI3, in 2017: carried out on 8,559 patients, it showed that homeopathy was just as effective as allopathy in treating joint pain, nervous system (depression, anxiety and sleep) and ENT infections, both on the improvement of symptoms and on the risk of complications.

Homeopathy reimbursement: there is a risk of an increase in the price of granules

Until now, prices were set by the Medicines Agency. But as soon as the treatments are delisted, the laboratories will be able to modify their price. The VAT rate will also drop from 2.1% to 10%.

No, this delisting does not allow Social Security to save money

According to a DREES report, homeopathic medicines represent 0.29% of drug reimbursements, less than 10% of the population benefited in 2018 according to the Ministry of Health and only 1,163 strains are reimbursable out of the 3,000 existing. In addition, according to the EPI 3 study, at the same level of severity, patients followed by a homeopathic doctor consume half the antibiotics, half the anti-inflammatory drugs and three times less psychotropic drugs, i.e. a gain of 35% for Social Security.

Homeopathy will always be controlled as much by the health authorities

Homeopathy remains a medicine: it is subject to the same regulations, standards and controls as before.

Will doctors favor allopathy?

Not necessarily. According to an Ipsos survey in March 2019, one in three general practitioners prescribes it daily. For Dr. Christelle Besnard-Charvet, gynecologist and obstetrician. “It is the only class of drugs which does not cause side effects, addiction or drug interactions and which makes it possible to take care of pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, the elderly or multidisciplinary people for whom allopathic solutions are limited“.

To know. The soap opera is far from over! In October 2019, the Boiron and Lehning laboratories filed two appeals with the Council of State. If the instance gives them reason, the support will return to 30%. Case to be continued.

By Ingrid Haberfeld.

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