5 Fall Style Mistakes Every Second Woman Makes

With the onset of autumn, women change their wardrobe. At the same time, everyone tries to dress in such a way as to feel comfortable and at the same time look stylish. True, this is not always possible due to some mistakes. Many women admit them.

  1. Tight tights or lack thereof

Girls have two extremes. There are those who do not like to wear tights and believe that this is not necessary on warm autumn days. It is enough to put on an autumn jacket or jacket. It turns out that the upper part of the set is autumn, and the lower one is summer. After all, only in the summer you can walk without tights. This outfit looks strange and ridiculous.

The second extreme is tights that are too tight, which are more suitable for winter. They are not combined with short skirts and spoil the whole image.

  1. Gray-black shades in clothes

It is a misconception that only gray and dark tones are suitable for cloudy autumn days. The woman merges with the crowd and loses her individuality. Do not be afraid of bright colors. They will bring joy to autumn rainy weekdays.

  1. Inability to wear ankle boots with trousers

Almost all women have ankle boots in stock for an autumn look. However, they are worn incorrectly. Some tuck their trousers into their ankle boots, while others slouch up. Both options hide from the eyes the thinnest part of the leg – the ankle. Therefore, it is worth choosing pants under the ankle boots, which will end where the ankle boots begin.

  1. Mini and short coat

A mini skirt combined with a short coat is a thing of the past. It looks out of date and vulgar. In addition, it is cold in autumn in a short skirt. First of all, mini lovers should think about their health. Secondly, you need to replace the mini with a skirt of a different length. Stylists advise wearing midi. In combination with a long midi coat, it slims and makes it taller. It is worth heeding this advice to girls of short stature in order to seem taller.

  1. Summer shorts

Some girls get so used to wearing shorts over the summer that they don’t want to part with them in the fall. You can often see a combination of shorts and an autumn trench coat or coat. As a result, the autumn image deteriorates, since summer shorts have no place in it. Professionals advise replacing the summer version with denim or thick fabric culottes.

An autumn look should be, first of all, practical and comfortable. At the same time, we must not forget that in the fall one should always look feminine and stylish.


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