5 fashion trends every maximalist should try this fall

EIf you are tired of minimalism, consider ditching this style in favor of a more fun and equally fashionable fall season: maximalism.

EIf you want to stand out this season, consider a printed coat. Or how about a pair of colored tights that cost less than lunch? Liven up your collection of sweaters embellished with pearls, crystal fringes or feathers. Or spruce up a pair of your favorite turtlenecks from last season with python-print trousers – a look straight from the streets of Paris that includes something old and something new.

#one. Fancy sweaters

Photo: PHIL OH

FROMThe most stylish fall sweaters are the brightest and most stunning. Complete with pearls and fur trim, ostrich feathers or diamond fringed sleeves, these sweaters are made for the holidays.

# 2. Bright coats

Photo: PHIL OH

DCrisp prints on bright coats have caught the attention of street-style photographers this season. From camouflage faux furs to heart-shaped raincoats, leave your boring jackets at home this fall and go for something a little more personal!

# 3. Warm and fluffy bags

Photo: PHIL OH

FROMumki is more comfortable than ever this season. Get close to fashion trends with your favorite fur bag.

#4. Python print trousers

Photo: PHIL OH

ABOUTcanopy is not uncommon when it comes to animal prints. But instead of wearing leopard-print boots, consider a bold look with snake-print pants.

#5. Tights in bright colors

Photo: PHIL OH

INA place to wear knee-high boots with a dress or skirt this season, think of something lighter – opaque tights in bold hues. Street style stars have paired their neon stockings with knee-length jersey dresses and pumps Mary Jane for extra brightness – an unexpected autumn look.



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