5 hair care rules that helped me grow a braid

Editor Natalia Kapitsa has grown her braid to the waist after six months of isolation. Of course, we instantly demanded all the details of the beauty routine from her.

Natalia Kapitsa

“How did you do it?” Is the most popular question in my Direct. The struggle for length lasted for several years. After lightening, the hair began to break off at the ends and fall out strongly. Through trial and error, I managed to formulate five basic rules of care that will help everyone.

Mistake 1: improper iron intake

One of the subtle reasons for hair loss is a lack of ferritin. The first signs of deficiency: weakness, pallor of the skin, shortness of breath, brittle ends, cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth. In order for iron preparations to be absorbed, they must be taken together with vitamin C. Standard scheme: three times a day. Iron also reacts well with other substances that inhibit its action. While taking the drug, it is better to refuse coffee, cocoa, nuts, fermented milk products and vitamin complexes with calcium. The dosage and the duration of the course of treatment are prescribed by the specialist after the tests.

Mistake 2: oil masks for an hour

Oil masks really help hair growth and strengthening. But they need to be applied for at least three hours – approximately that much time is needed for the nutrients to successfully pass the epidermal barrier and get into the follicles. Leaving it for a longer period of time is also not worth it. Oils create a film on the surface of the scalp that interferes with metabolic processes. By the way, oil masks have one feature. They “wash out” hair that is weakly attached to the root. Do not be surprised if, after applying them, a sufficiently large bunch of hairs remains in your hands – this is the norm.

Mistake 3: Inattentive Nutrition

The first thing to do for those looking to grow hair is to normalize the microbiome. Inflammatory bowel disease is a non-obvious cause of hair loss. The reason for their occurrence is the presence in the diet of a large amount of sugar and other fast carbohydrates. All doctors advise taking test tubes for preventive purposes. In this case, the course must be periodically repeated. Diversify your diet with foods high in coarse dietary fiber (bran, vegetables, unsweetened fruits), and buy a product high in lacto- and bifidobacteria.

Mistake 4: craving for hydrolyzed keratin masks

One of the reasons for the inability to grow long hair is breaking off the ends. To help them somehow, manufacturers offer masks with hydrolyzed keratin, the molecules of which fill the empty space between the scales. It is recommended to make such masks no more than once a week! Keratin can adhere to the surface of the hair, making it heavier and causing hair loss. Before starting to grow hair, it is better to trim the ends. Since the bundle is like an arrow on tights – it will rise higher and higher.

Mistake 5: lack of consistency

Long hair’s best friend is a systematic approach. If you make a mask every two weeks, and vitamins are on the shelf, there will be no result. To grow in length, you need to choose the right procedures for yourself and do them several times a week. There will be no benefit from one mask. As well as from one capsule of a medicinal cocktail, which are sold in pharmacies.

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