5 haircuts that are perfect for a round face

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When choosing a haircut, a woman should take into account the shape of her face. Sometimes the desired hairstyle simply does not fit, as it will show the face in an unfavorable light. The most difficult thing is for owners of a round face. It is necessary to make a haircut that will stretch the face and bring it closer to the ideal shape – to the oval. Hairdressers recommend 5 haircuts for chubby beauties.

  1. Square

Kare has been in the first place in popularity among haircuts for many years. For a round face, this is ideal. In this case, any type of square is suitable. A classic square will look good. A square on a leg or an asymmetrical version is also suitable. The only condition is that the bangs should not be straight. So they will only emphasize the round shape. It is best to make a ragged bang or an asymmetrical one. This way you can stretch your face and hide wide cheekbones. In addition, the square will close the side of the cheeks, which will also contribute to the fact that the face will resemble an oval.

  1. Pixie

Another option for a short haircut, which will bring the round face closer to the oval. It is worth considering that the back of the head should be lush and high. As for the bangs, it will look better if you make it asymmetrical and to the side.

This hairstyle has several advantages over other haircuts. It is easy to maintain and install. It is enough to wash your hair, and then use your hands to simply tousle your hair using styling foam or mousse.5 haircuts that are perfect for a round face

  1. Bob

Like a square, it is suitable for short hair. Bring the face closer to the oval with elongated temples and layering. Bob needs frequent adjustments. If this is not done, then the hairstyle will look sloppy.5 haircuts that are perfect for a round face

  1. Long bob haircut

For medium hair, an elongated bob is suitable. The ends should be asymmetrical at the front, and layering at the back is encouraged. This hairstyle looks great on straight hair.5 haircuts that are perfect for a round face

  1. Cascading hairstyles

The cascade is ideal for a round face, as it allows it to visually stretch. It is necessary to cut your hair like this, starting to make a ladder below the chin level. Then the ends of the hair are curled so that they look inward. Round cheeks will immediately become less visible. The cascade can be done both for long hair and for medium length hair.5 haircuts that are perfect for a round face

Any of the above hairstyles is suitable for girls with a round face. It remains to take into account the length of your hair and you can safely go to the hairdresser.

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