5 haircuts that make your face look younger and fresher

A hairstyle is capable of visually rejuvenating the appearance no worse than a miracle pill. In turn, an illiterate choice of haircuts can fundamentally ruin the entire image of a woman and make her much older. To choose a haircut, it is worth considering the shape of the face, hair color, eyes, skin tone, etc.

Pixie is a very popular short hair option. In addition, she is also able to make a woman visually 5-10 years younger. Pixie adds fragility and elegance to the image. The haircut is especially suitable for owners of small facial features. The main feature of pixies is the lack of neatness. A slight negligence and disheveledness will look much better. If too smooth, the image becomes too strict and looks much older.

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The elongated bob is a hairstyle suitable for women of any age. The effect of a haircut affects the appearance no worse than plastic surgery. The main thing is to choose the length of your hair correctly. It is permissible for young ladies to cut their hair short, and for older women it is advisable to leave the length from the chin level or even lower. Consider your face shape and preferred styling. If you have wrinkles on your forehead, you can mask them with bangs.

The caret has many varieties. You may be more comfortable with clear lines, curled ends, an elongated version, or up to the chin level. A bob haircut makes women over the age of 30 look younger, and young women, on the contrary, can make them look older. Oblique or asymmetrical bangs can hide forehead wrinkles, if any.

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A ladder for medium-length hair can significantly rejuvenate the image, especially for dark-haired ladies. The strands must be straightened and supplemented with even thick bangs. If you create a bouffant at the roots, then the image will look young and stunning.

A very suitable haircut for visual rejuvenation is a cascade. A cascading haircut for medium-length hair with a pile in the form of a hat looks great. In this case, you need to lay the ends in a chaotic order, which will give the image a slight negligence and playfulness. The length of the haircut can vary greatly in accordance with the personal preferences of the fair sex.

Consider your characteristics, wishes and recommendations of the hairdresser, then your image will definitely look great and young.


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