5 haircuts to add volume to your hair

Owners of thin hair have to do haircuts all the time, which will add volume to their hair and make their hair look fuller. When choosing the right haircut, you must take into account the age and type of face. Hairdressers advise in this case to pay attention to the following haircuts. They will help thin hair look new.

  1. Square on a leg

The classic version of a square on a leg is ideal for owners of thin strands of any age. Due to the even cut, the impression of density will be created. In addition, for girls with a bob, strands can be twisted, which will create additional volume. If the girl gets a square, then you can safely do it. Its advantage is also that the square practically does not need styling.

A professional will be able to choose the type of square that suits the girl. Today there are a lot of options for this haircut. The trend of the upcoming season is torn bangs.

  1. Bob

Bob will help create volume at the roots. In addition, the bob suits almost all face types. You can make it in different versions, and then stack it in different ways. Then the haircut will look different every time. If you make an asymmetrical bangs, then the image will turn out to be more piquant. Asymmetry will become the accent that will attract attention.5 haircuts to add volume to your hair

  1. Cascade

A great option for those women who have medium hair. The hair falls down in a ladder, forming that layering, which gives the hair volume. The cascade is easy to maintain. Sometimes it’s enough to just cut your hair and then just shake it in with your hands. The thing is that the creative mess on the head looks even more impressive. If you want to lay a cascade, then there can be a large number of options. Just don’t be smart with styling. A too intricate hairstyle does not adorn the image, but vice versa.5 haircuts to add volume to your hair

  1. Aurora

Another hairstyle for fine hair. It differs from the cascade in that the hair is cut shorter at the back of the head. The rest of the strands are much longer. However, this haircut has one “but”. It should not be done for girls with a round type of face, as it will visually increase even more.5 haircuts to add volume to your hair

  1. Shaggy

One of the most popular hairstyles this season. The torn strands create a shaggy effect. The haircut does not require much maintenance, which is why it is so popular today.5 haircuts to add volume to your hair

Each of the haircuts will add volume to fine hair and help women look attractive.


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