5 Instagram Blogger-Approved Bags That Will Be Fashionable in 2020

PThe last days of 2019 are drawing to a close and we can’t wait to find out what awaits us in the new year. We are not only happy about the personal changes that are coming to us – for example, in our work or personal life. As fashion lovers, we’re also looking forward to what’s trending in 2020. We already know what bags: stars, influencers and of course we will soon be carrying everywhere with us.

Trend # 1: Plush bags


MWe are by no means surprised by this fashion trend: Teddy bags are becoming more and more popular. After the material has already proven itself in coats and jackets this year, more and more fashionistas are putting their cell phones in a fluffy accessory.

Trend # 2. Micro handbags


Mini bags have already been popular this year. They were everywhere and, despite their size, dominate again. The fashion trend is so cool and innovative that in 2020 it will play not a small, but a really big role in fashion.

Trend # 3. Maxi clutches


TWhere there is hype, there is always opposition. It is assumed that there are fashionable women who find micro handbags completely impractical. These ladies will be happy with maxi clutches. Italian brand Bottega Venetawhose oversized “bag” is featured in every influencer’s wardrobe is primarily responsible for this fashion trend.

Trend # 4. Studded bags


WITHrivets are back! More and more fashion brands are supplying their bags with small gold and silver buttons, such as Liu Jo with her „the LJ Bag“… For those who are now thinking of the sharp rivets that were widespread on bags, rest assured that the trend is making a comeback, albeit not quite punk style, but rather something more relaxed and feminine.

Trend # 5. Wicker bags


AND again, Bottega Veneta played a role in this fashion trend: the woven bag is now becoming a rising star in Instagram. The model is super simple and elegant, but at the same time something completely different. So it’s understandable: woven bags will become a staple of fashion equipment in 2020!



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