5 life hacks for acne: helpful tricks for clear skin

No. 1 Treat your phone with an antiseptic

We wash our hands several times a day, but the phone is almost never, although it is simply necessary to do this, especially if we remember where he is with us during the day. When you talk on the phone for a long time and press it firmly against your cheek, it leads to changes in the tissues. Skin pores become clogged, dead cells and sebum block the sebaceous glands, and bacteria enter. Disease-causing bacteria begin to multiply, which is why inflammation appears – i.e. acne.

Conclusion: Wipe your smartphone with an antibacterial agent as often as possible.

No. 2 wash makeup brushes

Over time, brushes become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, dust and residues of cosmetics settle on them, which leads to the risk of skin infection, so if your cheeks suddenly become covered with a small rash in the evening, one of the reasons may be dirty brushes.

We recommend washing your makeup brushes once a week, and sponges for applying foundation should be washed after each use.

No. 3 Use paper towels instead of regular

Usually we wipe our face with a terry towel, which over time accumulates a mass of bacteria (even if each family member has his own, individual and exclusively for the face). Water, skin cups, sweat drops, skin secretions and much more keep our towels safe, and every time we wipe our face with them, bacteria again enter our skin.

Cosmetologists advise replacing ordinary towels with disposable paper towels and blot your face with them after washing. It is both convenient and hygienic.

No. 4 Change your pillowcase more often

It is recommended to do this every three days after shampooing. This will reduce the likelihood of harmful bacteria accumulating on the pillow that you press your face against every night.

No. 5 Less sweet

Numerous studies show that for some people, it is enough to give up sugary or dairy products to reduce acne.

In addition, the high amount of sugar in the diet accelerates the aging process and cell damage, as well as elastin and collagen. To maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin, you should reduce the consumption of sugar and foods high in sugar.


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