5 makeup mistakes that will make you older than you really are

Everyone knows that the perception of appearance largely depends on how the makeup is applied. Many women try to do makeup so that it emphasizes all the advantages. However, the opposite effect is often obtained due to the fact that the representative of the weaker half does not know that she is making irreparable mistakes. They age the woman.

  1. A large amount of foundation

The foundation should be applied in a very thin layer. Otherwise, it will create a film on the face. It will seem that there is a mask on the face. Of course, the woman will immediately look older.

  1. Eyebrows are not the right shape or the wrong color

Makeup artists never tire of repeating that the first thing that catches the eye in a woman’s appearance is her eyebrows. Therefore, eyebrow strings will look like “greetings from yesteryear.” Too wide and thick eyebrows are very few people. You have to choose your shape. The most common and suitable for almost all women are comma-shaped eyebrows.

As for the color, black, like soot, eyebrows are unacceptable here. They will make any woman old, even the most beautiful.

  1. Mascara on the lower lashes

The older a woman is, the less mascara should be on her lower lashes. The thing is that mascara will accentuate circles and bruises under the eyes. In addition, all wrinkles, even the smallest ones, will become clearly visible. The eyes of others will be directed not to mascara and eyelashes, but to facial imperfections.

  1. Blush

Some women still don’t know how to apply blush correctly. Therefore, they are applied to the area of ​​apples, but this is wrong. The result is spectacular old-fashioned cheeks. Even a young girl will look much older than her age. Today you can learn how to learn how to do it right from any source.

  1. Lip liner in contrast to lipstick

The stroke can only be half a tone darker than lipstick. When these two products are very different in color, a bow lip effect is obtained. This is reminiscent of the good old days when cinema was still in black and white. Such lips look ridiculous today. Naturally, the woman will appear much older than her real age.

If a woman does makeup without making these mistakes, then she will look more modern. This means that visually she will appear younger than her age.

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