5 makeup tricks women over 50 should give up

The art of make-up allows you to emphasize attractiveness by choosing the right accents. Techniques change over the years, new beauty products allow you to experiment. It is worth considering the basic rules of age make-up in order to look stylish and elegant after 50.


Make-up starts with daily beauty rituals, because the condition of the skin depends on the system. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, as well as protection from ultraviolet radiation is enough to maintain an even tone and elasticity of the integument.

The main tasks of age-related makeup:

  • give the skin freshness and radiance;
  • focus on the merits;
  • hide external imperfections, as well as age-related changes, traces of fatigue.

Common mistakes

If at 20, 30 you can safely experiment with techniques, texture, shades of decorative cosmetics, after 50 make-up plays the role of a corrector.

There are 5 makeup tricks that you should give up:

  1. The use of bright flashy colors – red, berry lipstick shades, neon shadows, black eyeliner visually make you look older. We need to forget about the images of the fatal seductress, makeup should be close to natural.
  2. It is unacceptable to work on one area – it is not enough to make up the eyes or lips. It is necessary to pay attention to each area – eyebrows, cheekbones, nose to get a harmonious make-up.
  3. Dense foundations create a mask effect. It is better to replace the powder with CC-cream with moisturizing and correcting properties. A light coating evens out the tone, hides superficial wrinkles, redness.
  4. Too wide eyebrows do not suit mature women. Drawing hairs, giving density, graphic lines look grotesque, theatrical.

What to remove from the cosmetic bag

There are universal remedies that can help you look younger. Makeup artist tips will help you build a base for your daily makeup.

Beauty products to forget about after 50:

  1. Used for both eye makeup and brows, the black pencil is difficult to blend. Better to use eyebrow wax, which allows you to create the right shape without resorting to the services of a professional.
  2. Dense foundation a la plasticine emphasizes imperfections, worsens the condition of integuments. Make-up artists recommend CC-cream in warm shades that adapts to skin tone, masking pigmentation.
  3. Glitter shadows remained in the 2000s; a matte palette will help to give expressiveness to the look. The best solution for mature women is a highlighter: it will allow you to make the right accents in the corners of the eyes.
  4. The unfinished blush looks like an Indian war paint. A small amount is enough to give skin freshness. Universal plum and peach shades are recommended.
  5. Matte dark lipsticks accentuate purse-string wrinkles. A good option would be a creamy shine of berry shades. It completes the natural, harmonious makeup that lasts throughout the day.

After 50, of course, age-related changes are noticeable, but thanks to the make-up secrets, it’s easy to look younger. Features of mature skin can be hidden using the advice of makeup artists. Everyone can master simple makeup techniques, which will emphasize the individuality of the chosen image.

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