5 manicure ideas for the new year 2020

To enhance the New Year’s holiday mood, you can give yourself a unique nail design. Christmas bright ideas of manicure will be an interesting element in the image for the New Year. Several simple options for New Year’s nail art will become a real lifesaver for those women who did not have time to sign up for a salon or want to create a light and elegant design themselves.

Red and gold christmas nail art

The fashion trend is a combination of a classic red varnish with a splash of gold foil or gold varnish. This design gives the hands a regal Christmas look. A scarlet jacket is a perfect combination with gold. You can decorate it with gold rhinestones.

Also, nail art entered the new trend of 2020 with bright red nail tips, the rest of the nail plate is pale pink with gold inserts. Two simple options for holiday nail art:

  1. The easiest option for a manicure for the New Year is to paint all the nails in a bright red shade, and make the nameless nails gold with the help of shimmering varnish.
  2. Paint the nail plates burgundy or deep red. Then, when the layer of varnish is dry, apply a golden glitter to it. The golden particles on the nails will look like a gentle haze of snow.

Christmas snowflakes

A symbol of the New Year, snowflakes can be painted on any color, but this nail art will look best on blue, blue and red nails. Snowflakes can be made using a stencil or stickers with these symbols can be carefully pasted on.

With snowflake stencils, you can make an excellent New Year’s and Christmas manicure. There are also stamping plates with a variety of simple and complex snowflakes.

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Manicure Grinch

Fans of this New Year movie will definitely appreciate the festive nail decor featuring the Grinch, gifts, and Christmas tree decorations. For such a truly colorful New Year’s manicure, you need to contact an experienced master. For those who do not have time to sign up for nail art or do not know how to paint on nails, there is a simple advice – buy stickers that can be pasted on your favorite varnish colors.

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Metallic nail art

In the New 2020 Year of the Metal Rat, the laconic “cold” as steel nail design is relevant. This version of nail art will appeal to fashionistas who like to look bright, stylish and strictly at the same time. Mirror metal varnish can be combined with other options:

  • with a blue metallic New Year’s tint;
  • with varnish in the shade of rose gold;
  • with white color and rhinestones;
  • with New Year’s scarlet;
  • with snowflake stickers.

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Fluffy velvet manicure

Charming warm velvet is one of the best manicure solutions on New Year’s Eve 2020. It is simply impossible not to pay attention to the soft velvet particles on the nails. To make such nail art, it is important to purchase varnish of your favorite color and flock in a similar shade.

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Despite the fact that there are a great many ideas for New Year’s design, many women strive to make a simple but elegant festive option or bright Christmas nail art. A variety of New Year’s stickers, stampings and varnishes of different colors and textures can help with this.

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