5 mistakes not to make during your first sun exposure

Forget your sun protection

It’s’most common mistake and the most obvious you can do before exposing yourself. Because even if you are not on the beach in a bathing suit, a sun protection is highly recommended. Indeed, when you stroll in the sun, that you spend the afternoon in a park, a wood, a garden, under UV rays, you have to protect yourself. Especially during your first exposures, because the skin has not seen the sun for a long time. Some dermatologists even explain that protective care should be applied every day in town. Why ? Because the UV (UVA or UVB), have harmful effects found on the skin. Say goodbye to the idea that you have to sunburn to tan faster : these burns, although superficial, are painful and attack the skin. In addition, the tan that can appear after a sunburn is very ephemeral because the skin will peel. In short, it is very important to wear your sun protection before enjoying the sun.

Not going for the right SPF

You should not choose just any protection. The first thing to watch? SPF: this is an important indicator. The acronym SPF stands for “Sun Protector Factor”, is “Sun protection factor” in French (FPS) or sometimes simply IP (protection index). His role ? Measure the level of sun protection of a product and its effectiveness against UVB rays. The latter are held responsible for burns and sunburns which damage the skin and can be the cause of diseases. Warning: note that SPF does not measure protection against UVA, also very bad for the epidermis.
How to choose the right SPF? Quite simply by taking into account your skin phototype. There are 6, from the lightest to the darkest. Thus, if you have a porcelain complexion and red, blonde or light brown hair (phototypes 1 and 2), it is better to bet on a sunscreen with index 50. If your skin tends to tan more easily (phototype 3) , you can optionally opt for protection with an index of 30 to 50. Dark and dark skin (phototypes 4,5,6), which must also be well protected, may opt for a lower SPF.

Exposing yourself for too long and at the wrong time

You have a sun protection with the right SPF. This is the first step, but don’t assume that you are 100% protected. Indeed, do not forget that whatever your skin type, it is advisable toavoid exposing yourself for too long and at times when the sun is strongest (from noon to 4 p.m.). In addition, it is advisable to renew the application of sunscreen every two hours minimum.

Do a peel before exposing yourself

A peeling is a facial which can be done by a professional, or at home with less intense products. The principle of peeling is simple: it is about facelift, in the literal sense of the word. It is a scrub, but chemical, and not mechanical. This means that the grains are not necessary, as the product acts on its own thanks to acids or enzymes, without you needing to massage your face. If it allows effectively remove dead skin, it makes it much more sensitive to UV. Thus, it is strongly recommended not to expose yourself to the sun after having done a peel!

Thinking that self-tanner protects you

He gives you the radiant complexion and tanned complexion without UV cabin. Self-tanner is the solution to getting tanned skin without sun. But be careful: if it stains the skin superficially, it absolutely does not protect it against Sun burn. Some formulas incorporate an SFP, but applying additional protection is mandatory to protect against the harmful effects of UV rays.
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