5 mistakes not to make with your nails (and we all do)

Our nails are true miniature works of art. And like any work of art, it’s important to take care of it. Discover without further delay actions to avoid (and those to favor) for to have healthy nails.

Nail care mistakes: forgetting to apply a primer

It’s a recurring mistake that we have all made, at least once. The fact of do not apply base before applying its nail polish is the best way to weaken them. It is therefore very strongly recommended to apply a transparent base (after having well filed his nails), so that the pigments of the varnish do not have harmful effects on your nails and so that they are strengthened. By skipping this step, your nails may turn yellow in the long term.

Nail care mistake: using a nail polish remover that contains acetone

Always pay attention to the composition of your nail polish remover and avoid using one that contains acetone. It’s a much too aggressive component. In addition to irritating your skin, acetone weakens your nails. Two good reasons to adopt a solvent without acetone!

Nail care mistake: cutting your cuticles

Here is a habit that is also very common and to be banned … Cutting your cuticles represents a certain risk: without cuticles, the outlines of the nails no longer have any protection. Result: the door open to infections! In addition, when they grow back, the cuticles appear scaly and unattractive. We therefore avoid cutting them, we prefer to push them back!

Nail care mistake: pushing back dry cuticles

Push back cuticles, yes, but not just any old way. For the well-being of your hands, make sure you soften them well before proceeding to this step. For this you can perform a hand bath beforehand. Once “soft”, the cuticles can be pushed back more easily and without pain (preferably with a plastic cuticle pusher).

Nail care mistake: forgetting to disinfect your manicure equipment

Hygiene is essential: the outline and the underside of our nails are nests for bacteria. It is therefore very important to disinfect all your beauty utensils, and precisely there of manicure, before take care of our hands. This step will prevent potential infection by microorganisms. Be sure to carefully disinfect each of your tools, before and after each use.

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