5 models that are the trend of the season

Jeans are a basic element, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern wardrobe. We tell you what jeans are in fashion in spring 2020.

1. Straight jeans

They are the classic and most versatile model, suitable for any type of figure. Thanks to the free cut, they hide all the flaws and visually lengthen the legs. When choosing, pay attention to two details: fit and leg length – they should fit your proportions and stretch the silhouette.

If you want to buy straight jeans that will always be relevant, take a closer look at models with a processed edge: this option looks more neat and will be appropriate in most looks.

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2. Flared jeans

They are very popular among the owners of tall stature, but they will look no less good on short girls if they wear a heel. This cut perfectly balances the figure, creating an accent on the hips.

If, on the contrary, you would like to hide the hips, choose models where the flare starts from the hip – this will visually correct the figure and will not add extra volume.

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3. Jeans-palazzo

One of the most popular models in the upcoming season. Unlike flared jeans, the palazzo is much wider and does not fit around the hip and knee. Suitable for absolutely any shape. Despite the “baggy”, this model emphasizes femininity and fragility.

To create a harmonious look, combine palazzo jeans with a less voluminous top. Ideal is a basic jumper or T-shirt.

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4. Banana jeans

They are similar to the previous model, but narrowed towards the bottom. Banana jeans are also called “slouchy”, which translates to “baggy”.

Many models are decorated with tucks, which allows you to hide imperfections in the hips and abdomen, and the cut itself advantageously emphasizes the waist and ankles. Banana jeans look best with shoes with small heels or with massive boots.

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5. Mid-rise jeans

The high rise is gradually being replaced by the noughties trend, when jeans were in fashion just below the navel. An important rule is not to be confused with an extremely low fit.

Such models are suitable for tall girls, since with a small stature, the proportions of the figure are violated. We combine low-waist jeans with laconic T-shirts, tops and jackets.

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