5 morning weight loss rituals

To tone the body and remove excess weight, you must adhere to morning rituals. Morning is a favorable time of the day, at which fats are actively burned, and the body is saturated with useful components. The period between waking up and breakfast is considered the most productive, so waking up quickly is an important aspect in losing weight.

Waking up early

Waking up early in the morning, when there is more than 1 hour left before business starts, is a big step towards losing weight. There is more free time that you can usefully spend for your body. It is worth starting your morning with workouts, and end with breakfast and taking a contrast shower. The healthiest breakfast foods are:

  • any types of cereals;
  • eggs, fish or chicken fillet;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetables.

Taking a contrast shower in the morning also has a beneficial effect on the figure: toxins and toxins are actively removed, the skin acquires a smooth and elastic shape, cellulite disappears.

Stretching and training

Warming up and doing a couple of exercises will play a beneficial role before eating. It will take no more than 10 minutes, but daily efforts will bring noticeable benefits to the body and appearance. A small set of stretch marks for every day:

  • warming up the neck with standard exercises (for example, bending to the side or turning the head);
  • warm-up of arms in the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints;
  • circular rotation of the pelvis or 4–5 minutes of spinning the hoop;
  • body bends to the left and right sides;
  • squats or jumping rope.

Exercises must be performed up to 5 times without interruption. Despite the simplicity of training, the body will begin to change noticeably after a couple of months, and when the exercises become too simple, you can move on to more complex ones:

  • walking at a brisk pace for 5 minutes or 2-3 minutes of light jogging;
  • warming up the arms, spreading them to the sides (can be replaced with exercises with dumbbells);
  • simple push-ups from the floor (if it’s too hard, you can replace it with push-ups from the wall);
  • squats, lunges to the side, gluteal bridge;
  • plank exercise for at least 30 seconds.

Over time, the muscles will become more elastic and the body will become toned and athletic.

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Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With the help of breakfast, a person receives nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. In addition, the work of the brain improves, concentration increases, and strength is quickly restored after training.

The preparation of breakfast should be based on several factors:

  • breakfast is moderately satisfying, but not heavy;
  • healthy food with a minimum amount of carbon;
  • made from natural products.

In no case should you skip breakfast: because of this, a person tries to saturate his body throughout the day, skipping breakfast becomes a habit, and this affects the form.

It is necessary to focus on protein – in combination with a good lunch and dinner, it will help you lose those extra pounds. So that breakfast does not get boring over time, focus on cooking various dishes: porridge, scrambled eggs, omelet, vegetable salad, sandwiches with the right types of bread (whole grain or rye).

Drink water

Drinking water on an empty stomach should become a habit. Immediately after waking up, the body receives the necessary moisture, starts metabolism and digestion.

It is necessary to drink at least 2 liters per day, and on hot days – at least 3. Water should be purified, cool, non-carbonated, without added sugar: tea, juice or soda will not do any good, but rather harm.

Add lemon or ginger to water taken on an empty stomach. For example, you can squeeze lemon juice into a glass of warm water and mix everything. Such an uncomplicated drink will cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and improve the functioning of all body organs.

Add a piece of ginger root to a glass of hot water and let it brew for about 10 minutes (add a little lemon juice if desired). The drink is good for weight loss and has various beneficial properties.

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Morning yoga

Yoga is good for relieving stress, developing flexibility and helping you lose weight. In addition, there are other advantages:

  • yoga relaxes the human body, a sense of balance and calmness appears;
  • improves memory and attention, the work of the brain and the entire nervous system;
  • tone and mood increases.

It is not necessary to attend courses or trainings in the morning, it is easier and more convenient to do yoga at home or outdoors. It is enough to have a little free time and do the right exercises with correct breathing.

Losing weight is not the hardest task. The main thing is to combine a correct lifestyle with dietary recommendations: move more, give up sweets and other junk food. For success you only need patience and motivation for the long-awaited result. Keeping a personal diary with plans for the whole week will be a great idea: choose food for the day in advance, set aside time for physical activity.

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