5 most common mistakes when taking care of colored hair

Most women dye their hair to get the shade they like. However, it often happens that the resulting shade fades or is quickly washed off. This is because many women do not know how to properly care for dyed hair and make a number of mistakes. Here are the most common ones.

  1. Do not use shampoo for colored hair

Surprisingly, but shampoo for colored hair helps to maintain color for as long as possible. In the composition of such funds there are special substances that contribute to the fact that the resulting shade will shine for a long time. With regular shampoo, the color quickly fades.

  1. Do not use thermal protection properties

Even the most gentle hair dyes damage your hair. They become dry and brittle. Therefore, when using a curling iron or ironing, thermal protective agents must be used. Doing so will damage your hair even more. In addition, their color will become dull.5 most common mistakes when taking care of colored hair

  1. Ignore Protein Hair Masks

The use of hair masks after dyeing is not a whim at all, but a necessity. If this is not done, the shine will go away very quickly, the color will fade and will wash off faster. Also the hair will start to break. The opinion of professionals is unequivocal – “yes” to protein masks. You can buy ready-made masks in stores and pharmacies, or you can prepare them at home. For this, egg white is suitable. Beat it well and apply it to your hair for 1 hour. Particular attention should be paid to the ends of the hair. Then you need to put a bag on your hair. After an hour, the hair is thoroughly washed with water.5 most common mistakes when taking care of colored hair

  1. Wash your hair with hot water

Hot water is simply detrimental to colored hair. During washing, the hair cuticle is opened and all the coloring pigment is washed off. As a result, after the hair has been washed several times with hot water, its color is very different from what it was at the very beginning. Hairdressers say that dyed hair should only be washed with cool water. So the hair is washed out and will not get dirty quickly, and the color will remain for a longer time.5 most common mistakes when taking care of colored hair

  1. Do not protect hair from the sun

Ultraviolet rays are no less harmful to hair than to skin. The curls fade in the sun, and the coloring pigment is destroyed. Therefore, the hair must be protected with a headgear. It is also necessary to use hair care products with SRF.5 most common mistakes when taking care of colored hair

By avoiding the above mistakes, you can keep the color of dyed hair for a longer time.


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