5 most harmful ingredients that shouldn’t be in shampoo

Recently, natural skin and hair care products have become fashionable. When choosing a shampoo, many girls first of all pay attention to its composition, whether it contains harmful components. It is worthwhile to be wary of a shampoo, which contains the following harmful components.

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Cheap shampoos are sometimes half SLS. Sulfate is an inexpensive product that is derived from coconut oil. It is used not only for the manufacture of shampoo, but also for the manufacture of gel, as well as detergent for dishes, floors and machine engines.

Chemists know that sodium sulfate can destroy the structure of proteins. As you know, hair is made of protein. With prolonged use, the protective film of the hair is destroyed, the hair becomes brittle and dry.

It has been proven that if it gets into the eyes, the substance remains there for 5 days. Cataracts can develop if sodium sulfate is frequently in the eyes.5 most harmful ingredients that shouldn't be in shampoo

  1. Diethanol

The component is added to the composition of detergents in order to form foam. The skin absorbs diethanol easily. It enters the body and begins its destructive effect. Liver and kidney cancer is the result of exposure to this harmful and dangerous substance.

  1. Propylene glycol

This component is the result of refining petroleum products. It is widely used in industry. It is added in shampoos to bind components and water. Like the previous substance, propylene glycol adversely affects the liver and kidneys, causing cancer of these organs.5 most harmful ingredients that shouldn't be in shampoo

  1. Butylated hydroxyanisole BHA

A dangerous substance that causes serious disturbances in the endocrine system. It also suppresses the immune system and negatively affects the reproductive system. Bottled hydroxyanazole is already banned in the manufacture of cosmetics.5 most harmful ingredients that shouldn't be in shampoo

  1. Flavors

Often it is flavors that cause headaches of unknown origin, as well as allergic rashes. For many women, hyperpigmentation is associated precisely with the use of fragrances. The scalp may itch a lot and dandruff may also appear.

When choosing a shampoo for washing hair, you should pay serious attention to these components so as not to harm your health.5 most harmful ingredients that shouldn't be in shampoo


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