5 non-obvious things to have if you love makeup

Lena Korenkova – about silicone patches against crumbling shadows and other really useful things for makeup.

I am sincerely convinced that two things have a serious impact on the quality of life of a makeup lover: a good mirror and good light. And stencils for arrows, eyebrow rulers, eyelash combs and other pribluda are toys for two weeks. Recently I wondered if there are any tools at all, besides brushes (and sharpeners :), which I honestly use on an ongoing basis? And I remembered something.

I take them out in two cases: when make-up is a responsible business, and you need to be attentive to the details, and when this is a process for pleasure. If I had to leave the house 10 minutes ago, then without all this (and without complete makeup), of course, I can easily get by.

Sponge for dry cleaning of brushes Color Switch, Vera Mona

The lipsticks and palettes I bought five years ago are stored in the back of the closet and are not often removed. I got this thing around the same time, but I keep it close at hand. What is the point: let’s say you applied brown shadows with a brush, and then decided to add pink ones. You can take another brush. But the other is not quite the same. More or less or fluffier. No, you need the first one, which, alas, is dirty. You can drag a brush across your palm or a napkin and hope that the pile has cleared (usually not completely). Or use this little thing.

Color Switch is like a highly porous dishwashing sponge. Two or three rotations of the brush are enough to remove pigment residues from it. This takes approximately 2 seconds. Of course, you have to clean the Color Switch itself from time to time, but catch Moidodyr’s life hack: if you turn the sponge upside down, you can use the bottom surface for several more weeks.

The white round in the center is a sponge designed for wet application of shadows. It needs to be wetted or sprayed with a fixing spray, but, in my opinion, these are unnecessary gestures. The Vera Mona has a version without a white core for $ 3 less. It seems that now the Color Switch is sold only on foreign sites, but Fenty Beauty, Kryolan and the budget De.Co brand, presented in “Girlfriend”, have similar sponges.

Price: $ 13.99 on the official website, $ 18 on the American Sephora.

Silcopad make-up pads

Similar to hydrogel patches, these are more durable and can be used up to 100 times. This is what the manufacturer claims, but I have been using Silcopads more and longer (albeit not regularly), almost five years. Now they have become worse to stick, so it’s time to change.

The patches protect the area under the eyes from loose pigment, glitter, sparkles. Yes, you can use a regular paper napkin (makeup artists do this when they know in advance that the shadows will dust), but you have to hold on to it. And I pasted the patches – and my hands are free. Concealer from this almost does not wear off (or wear off extremely insignificantly), but in any case it is better to fix it at the end of the makeup.

This is not the only thing that patches are useful for. The structure of my eyes is such that it is not obvious to me in which direction to shade the shadows, if I want this shading to be extended to the temples, and not rounded. The patches set a reference point very cool: I see a horizontal line at the level of the outer corner and understand where to move. Silcopads also serve as a stencil for applying shadows to the lower eyelid. Usually I do without prompts, but after a break (for a while I painted only the upper ones) I began to miss the feather width, so I appreciated this option. I figure out where the border should be, put on the patch, and that’s it, my insurance is ready.

Price: 1490 RUB at

Sponge for applying blush Beauty. Blusher, Beautyblender

The Beauty Blender has two types of sponges that are smaller than the original: Beauty.Blusher and Micro.Mini (for concealer). The second ones are quite kids, it’s not very convenient to hold them in your hand, I personally feel like Gulliver in a gingerbread house.

Therefore, I do all the detailed work with a blush sponge. And this work is enough: a) blend the tone over the eyebrows so as not to paint over the hairs, b) apply concealer and powder pointwise, c) distribute the primer where the pores are enlarged, d) blend the blush and lipstick contour. The most convenient way is to first contour, and then immediately apply the remains of lipstick on the sponge as a blush. Fast + exact match in shade + no risk of smearing the product on half of the face.

And there is also a trick, how to use such a small sponge to make any lipstick resistant. I don’t remember who I learned from, but sometimes I use it: I paint my lips, put on Beauty.Blusher loose powder and powder the coating. I puff on the sponge with a fixing spray and press down on my lips. I can’t vouch for the comfort, but the durability is much better.

Price: 1490 RUB on the official site.

Disposable eyeliner applicators

An ingenious, simply ingenious invention that I first saw in our salon Beauty Insider & KA2. Once we were shooting lipstick swatches, and I tried to make the lip contour smoother with the help of these pseudo-toothpicks. It turned out to be so convenient that I, stunned, began to look for where to buy them. (By the way, it was not easy, I even had to dig up the sites of dental accessories.) In general, they are called eyeliner applicators and are sold on AliExpress for 100 rubles for 50 pieces. On our sites about 10 times more expensive.

The tip of the applicator is thin: not a single cotton swab, not the tip of a nail, or a brush can achieve such a clear line. I apply the tip flat to the contour of the lips and draw the perfect border in one motion. The same applies to the arrows: with the applicator, you can bring the tail into the needle.

And, yes, this thing is also more convenient to carry with you than a brush. Short, fits into any bag pocket. Used it – threw it away, you don’t have to think about how to clean the pile in road conditions.

Price: 124 RUB (50 pcs) on AliExpress, 725 rubles. for 25 pieces on

Disposable Lip Gloss Applicators

Everything is simple here. If with the previous applicators I make a clear contour, then with these I shade it. Usually, a fluffy eyelid brush or sponge is used for this purpose. But here’s the caveat: they are larger, so they go beyond the natural contour more. When the lipstick is soft pink, it looks cool. But if I want a bright red, it’s too much. I just barely need to shade the border, and this is where the fluffy applicator is perfect.

Why shade red lipstick at all? -) Some makeup artists believe that a clear outline makes the face visually older and sterner. I’m not ready to either agree or deny, but I tried to soften the boundaries, and I liked it.

I also use these pieces of gloss over bright lipsticks. I don’t want to get their own applicators dirty.

Price: about 150 rubles (100 pcs) on AliExpress.


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