5 outdated winter clothes that women of fashion are still wearing

When we choose clothes for the season, we focus on our taste, strength of habit, tips from stylists and photos of fashion bloggers on Instagram. But it is among women in social networks that we can notice the familiar clothes of past years, which are no longer relevant. After all, trends do not stand still, and it is high time to replace some wardrobe items. We took into account the transience of fashion, identified 5 main anti-trends for this winter and offered them a worthy alternative.

Natural fur

Many women believe that natural fur is the safest and warmest option for the winter cold. Therefore, a vest, fur coat or short fur coat are present in the wardrobe of almost every one of us. In addition, if stored correctly, they may well wait for their return to fashion. In the meantime, in the fashion industry, natural fur is recognized as an anti-trend. Manufacturers and reputable designers explain the rejection of expensive skins with a loyalty to the animal world and a course towards eco-fashion.



In 2020, take a look at stylish faux fur coats, plush “cheburashkas” and curly models that not only look spectacular, but also warm well. Technologies are actively developing, and today you can find many “breathing” materials that allow air to pass through and at the same time retain heat even in severe frost.

Puffy vest

Puffy vests appeared in women’s wardrobes exclusively as part of a sporty look. And only over time, such models smoothly migrated into the everyday outfits of active women. Fashionistas have learned to create with them an endless number of extraordinary combinations in a variety of styles. However, as everyone began to wear the vest, it quickly turned from an exclusive to a typical mass market.



This winter it is better to replace it with a cape – sleeveless outerwear, which will also save you from bad weather in the off-season. The most popular are the wool cape models, either in patchwork or faux fur. By the way, these styles, like a puffy vest, can be combined with your favorite jeans, fashionable boots this season and high gloves that will replace the sleeves.

Tight hat

With the arrival of cold weather, women often revise their wardrobe, but do not rethink it in terms of fashion. But a change in one trend entails adjusting the rest of the image details. For example, a tight-fitting hat from past years will no longer fit into a winter bow with a new model of a bulky jacket or down jacket. Such a hat will disturb the proportions of the silhouette and thus spoil the appearance. This winter, women of fashion combine a puffy jacket, a Cheburashka fur coat and a long quilted down jacket with knitted beanie hats.



Fitted down jacket with colored fur on the hood

Models of down jackets with a pronounced waistline accentuated by a belt are already out of fashion. The belt this season is appropriate only for down-padded coats. Also, down jackets with colored fur on the hood are no longer relevant. In the winter of 2020, the trend for loose outerwear with a laconic design and oversized cuts is strengthening.

Bodycon sweater dress

Today, a sweater dress is a versatile item in a woman’s wardrobe, which is suitable for work, and for walking with friends, and for meeting guests. Warm models are comfortable, they do not wrinkle and at the same time they look always relevant. If you want to be in trend this winter, then it is better to give up tight knit dresses and the same sweaters and turtlenecks. And pay attention to the straight fit, oversized and semi-fitted styles, which slightly emphasize the lines of the body. But make sure that such a dress does not add extra volume to your figure.


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