5 places to have sex when baby is sleeping in your bedroom

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Do you have a little one in your room that prevents you from spending intimate moments with your companion? Here are 5 pretty cool places to do somersaults without risking waking up baby!

When you are a young parent, it is not uncommon for your baby to squat in the parental room. And this little presence, however cute it may be, can be a barrier to intimacy in the couple. What if we looked beyond the end of our bed to get laid with honey? Because in truth, there are lots of places in the house where you can have sex while baby is sleeping peacefully in your room.

5 places in the house to have sex

The house is full of places where you can have a good time with your sweetheart, without risking waking your baby. Here are five great places to let your naughty ideas run wild.

1. In the shower

In the evening, you only dream of one thing: relaxing in a hot shower to unwind from this busy mom’s day? What if you combined the pleasant with the even more pleasant by inviting darling to join you? Hot water and a little mutual washing session… it won’t take long for this moment to heat up the spirits!

2. On the living room rug

Baby is in bed and you have just settled down in your living room. Forget to turn on the television and improvise a massage session on the carpet, a glass of wine in your hand… which risks getting out of hand quite quickly!

3. By car

You dated while your baby was looked after by grandpa, aunty or a babysitter, and you don’t want to go home right away? Stop the car in a discreet place and make a naughty stop in the backseat of your car. A fun moment of intimacy that will certainly bring back memories!

4. In the kitchen

Is baby taking a nap? It’s the perfect time to go to the kitchen and raise the temperature by improvising a sensual moment on your work plan! Only one precaution to take: remember to store the whips… Whatever.

5. On the washing machine

Who has never dreamed of having sex on a washing machine, if only to know the effect it has? Do not wait any longer to test the experience and meet your darling in the laundry room for a laundry … a little special.

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