5 popular homemade hair masks that don’t really help

In order for the hair to be thick, shiny and healthy-looking, it must be regularly looked after. Hair masks are indispensable in care. They are sold ready-made in stores. Also, many women use homemade hair masks. However, some masks are of no use. Girls, not knowing this, continue to use these masks, hoping that the condition of the hair will improve and they will begin to grow faster. Here are 5 of these masks.

  1. Nicotine mask

It is believed that a nicotine mask will promote faster hair growth. It is enough to purchase nicotinic acid at the pharmacy, and then rub it into the scalp with light massaging movements. After half an hour, the mask must be washed off.

In fact, it is a misconception that a nicotine mask promotes rapid hair growth. It not only does not help hair grow, but also removes shine. Hair looks lifeless and dull.

  1. Gelatin mask

Girls who want to add volume to their hair make a gelatin mask. Prepare it like this: stir 5 grams of gelatin in a glass of water. It is necessary to stir until the mass becomes homogeneous and without lumps. Half an hour is enough for the mask supposedly to have its effect.

In reality, the hair becomes so heavy that it is difficult to comb it out.5 popular homemade hair masks that don't really help

  1. Olive and egg oil mask

1 egg and 20 milliliters are mixed and then applied to hair for half an hour. Then the mask is thoroughly washed off. Girls make such a mask to give their hair shine and make it lush. The opposite is true. At the roots, the hair becomes more oily, and the ends of the hair become dry and begin to break.5 popular homemade hair masks that don't really help

  1. Pepper mask

Many people try to speed up hair growth with pepper tincture. Instead, use regular pepper. Everything is rubbed into the scalp. It takes 15 minutes for the pepper to begin its effect.

Not only does the hair not start growing faster, redness can appear on the scalp.5 popular homemade hair masks that don't really help

  1. Onion and honey mask

2 medium onions are first twisted in a meat grinder and then mixed with two tablespoons of honey. The mass is applied to the hair and distributed along the entire length. 30 minutes is enough for the hair to be saturated with useful substances. After that, they should shine, as this mask promises. In reality, the hair does not shine, but becomes too lush, which makes it very difficult to comb.5 popular homemade hair masks that don't really help

You should not make masks without reading the reviews about their effect, so as not to be disappointed with the result.

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