5 POWERFUL Receding Hairline Tricks To INSTANTLY Improve Your Look

In this video, I showcase 5 receding hairline tricks that will help improve receding hairline symptoms and struggles. I wish there was a receding hairline cure, but nevertheless, this is a compilation of my favourite receding hairline fix tips for men. How to fix a receding hairline and how to hide a receding hairline are commonly asked in the comments of my videos and I don’t blame you guys; it’s hard to know what to do.

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  1. I&39;m 24 and my hair looks like it&39;s receded quite a bit, but it hasn&39;t moved at all for like 7 years since I first noticed it and my hair is still really thick. Not sure what&39;s going to happen with it

  2. I have thick wavy hair, but the edges of my hairline are very fine at the scalp, and you can see in whenever I want to do a sleek look like a quiff or pompadour. It gets really annoying because I get self conscious that people will think I&39;m going bald at 17 ? But really, its just genetics, my dads hair is the same way and he is older. Anybody else have my problem? 🙁

  3. As a kid, I saw all sorts of men with balding heads. For some reason it never occurred to me that I would be one of those guys one day. It’s a cruel joke nature plays on you

  4. Man i just grow my hair and beard i realize that i got that jason statham look from the movie revoler, turn out i like this because it doesn&39;t need much work, just be what you&39;re meant to be

  5. lol it doesnt "sound" counterintuitive.. IT IS.. men dont want to make it look cleaner if it reduces the look, otherwise more people would shave their hair line to match the recession and have a huge forehead.. i hope for the love of god that nobody listened to that reccommendation, because believe me, it will not improve the look. Work with the smaller strands of hair, and have a more messy look.. If you had only started doing it a few weeks ago, then you clearly didnt do it in the flash back from 2016 and your hair line and style looked much better on that one. i am not trying to bash your style or looks but its terrible that you are encouraging people with receding hairlines(meaning losing their hair) to remove more of their hair…

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