5 problems a stylist can help solve

Author: Yesenia Danileychenko, stylist

“I have nothing to wear!” A phrase that is familiar to every woman. Every man heard this phrase from his woman. A phrase that has become a reason for jokes, jokes and stand-ups, because it accurately reflects pain and hits the very heart of women’s pride … A phrase that you can stop using once you turn to a professional stylist.

In Russia, the profession of a stylist began to gain momentum only in the last two or three years, so many still perceive it as a “star”, and that these services cost fabulous money.

A modern woman does not face the question of what to go to the red carpet, she has the following tasks every day: “What to go to the office?”, “And for a walk with a child?”, “Does this dress make me look fat?” I don’t look vulgar in a blouse? ”,“ And what, such cropped trousers are fashionable now? ”,“ Why do I seem pale and sick in this blouse? ”. These and many other problems appear as soon as the cabinet door is opened.

But few people think that there are stylists who work with ordinary wardrobes and help solve a number of problems:


Very often women choose certain styles of clothing for themselves and buy them from year to year. Oddly enough, many stores, along with modern models, also offer things with outdated cut. Precisely because there is a demand for them and a vicious circle turns out when “the store offers irrelevant – women buy it, because they did it before – the store sees sales and continues to buy irrelevant models”.

The stylist, in this case, recommends a “wardrobe analysis”. In the process of this service, he analyzes the technical state of things, as well as for relevance. This is a very important stage for the subsequent formation of a modern image.


When a woman buys a new thing, then she then wears it according to a certain pattern or pattern. If the purchased item is quite basic and versatile, then it goes well and is often worn. But there are such items of clothing that are bought simply because they liked it, without analysis for compatibility.

As a rule, in the process of parsing the wardrobe, the stylist can suggest and show such combinations of things that the woman did not use, because she did not know that it was possible.

Thus, completely new sets of existing items may appear in the wardrobe, which will look modern and do not require additional spending. And they will also solve the eternal problem of “nothing to wear”!

5 problems a stylist can help solve


Why does the same thing look different on different women? Why does one look fresh in her, while the other looks tired.

Each piece has two main characteristics: style and color.

The style is selected in order to correct the unwanted nuances of the figure, if any, and to emphasize the dignity, which every woman has.

The color affects the appearance only if it is in the so-called portrait zone. And a color that suits one woman may not suit another at all. How many things do not wait in the wings simply because they were bought thoughtlessly? Without a clear understanding of what colors and styles are recommended.

How can a stylist solve this problem?

Very simple. The stylist will give clear recommendations on what styles or methods can be used to correct this or that unwanted feature of the figure. As for the color palette, the stylist will determine the color and contrast of the appearance and, based on these parameters, will give recommendations on those colors that ideally emphasize and set off the natural beauty.

What are stylist services for?


For many, the word “shopping” evokes a storm of emotions. And not always pleasant. When there is no clear idea of ​​what to buy, what to buy, what to combine with and what to look for when buying, then walking around the mall turns into aimless wandering, which spends not only energy and nerves, but also money.

The task of the stylist is to draw up a shopping list in order to determine the purpose of shopping and the budget that can be spent during it. Before coming to do pre-shopping (find and select suitable things without a client), and then take the client to those stores where options were found for him, try on everything and choose only what fit and liked.

Shopping with a stylist is fast, comfortable, smart and “bull’s-eye”.


This item comes last on the list, not because it is the least important, but because few people pay due attention to it. It is our appearance that makes the first impression. These are kind of unconscious beacons that send signals about whether we are consistent with the impression we want to create.

“They are greeted by their clothes …”, “You will never have a second chance to create a first impression” – this should always be remembered when buying a particular thing.

The stylist, before starting work, always conducts a questionnaire and a detailed survey of the client about the reasons that led him, about the goals he pursues, about the result he expects and about the impression that the client wants to create.

After that, the systematic work of the “Client-Stylist” tandem begins, where desires, knowledge and opportunities are combined.

The result of working with a style specialist will always be joy from your appearance, from your wardrobe and from the understanding that everyone should do their own thing, because this is the only way to get the maximum benefit and positive emotions.

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