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5 problems you can face using homemade face masks

Many women prefer to apply face masks that are made by themselves. Today, some even make cloth masks themselves, not suspecting that some problems may arise. You need to know them in order not to commit them in the future.

5 problems you can face using homemade face masks

1. The mask simply “flows” from the face

Masks that are made with ingredients in your home can simply drain off your face. For example, a cucumber mask. It is clear that when chopped, the cucumber will give juice, which in turn will simply spread over the face. The same can be said about aloe juice.

To avoid such a problem, you can moisten gauze or cotton cloth and apply it to your face. The mask will be absorbed into the skin and the problem will be solved. You can also just spread a cucumber or aloe leaf on your face without crushing them. The effect will be exactly the same.

5 problems you can face using homemade face masks

2. Allergic reaction

Despite all the benefits of home masks, no one has canceled the allergic reaction to them. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to which components are used in the mask. If there are ingredients that can cause allergies, it is best to first apply the mask to the crook of the elbow. It is on this area of ​​the skin that all masks are always tried first. If an allergic reaction does not follow, then the mask can be applied to the face.

3. Dirty hair

Women often talk about how their hair gets dirty after the mask. No matter how carefully the mask is applied, a trace will still remain on the hair. To avoid this, you need to purchase a special hat where you can hide your hair. You can also simply roll them up in a towel.

5 problems you can face using homemade face masks

4. Time

When a woman does facial skin care in the salon, the mask is a prerequisite. While the mask is on her face, the woman relaxes, thinking about something pleasant for her.

5 problems you can face using homemade face masks

At home it often happens that the mask is on the face, but something urgently needs to be done. The woman begins to wear a mask around the house and solve problems. In fact, you have to do what the professionals do. If they are working on a woman’s face, then it is necessary to allocate these minutes only for themselves. This should always be done at home. You need to find a loved one for about 20 or 30 minutes.

5. The mask does not fit

Often, the opposite result is obtained from the mask. Instead of rested skin, acne and rashes appear. This is because many women have combination or sensitive skin. Any mask will not work for her. One mask can only be applied to certain areas of the skin.

5 problems you can face using homemade face masks


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