5 reasons why all weight loss attempts fail

Thousands of ways, techniques and means to reduce body weight are available to modern man. However, sometimes everything develops in such a way that all attempts to lose weight turn out to be a failure. But, fortunately, the reasons for this lie not in “bad genetics” or a bad horoscope, but in very real factors, the understanding of which will help solve the problem.

Improper nutrition

It’s not about buttercream cakes, fries and foie gras. Diet food can be wrong and even harmful. For example, foods with zero calories, which include, for example, celery. But in reality, the body cannot spend more energy on the digestion of any food than it contains, and even 35% of it is hardly. So, eating broccoli, celery, and asparagus with “minus calories” cannot nullify the results of treating butter cookies.

Another popular mistake is cutting back on a diet with no sugars, fast carbs or fat. A person desperately relies on fiber and slow carbohydrates, proteins. That’s just the secret of successful weight loss, when the weight goes away and does not return, is that the KBZhU and other valuable elements entering the body must satisfy its needs or be slightly lower.

Therefore, the diet should be tailored to the individual characteristics of a person – from age to lifestyle. Otherwise in the body, figuratively speaking, the signal “Danger!” and will encourage you to start making fat stores so as not to waste in difficult times.

Of course, there are detox unloading days when you can crunch cucumbers from morning to night, but this is an exception to the rule. You can severely cut the diet no more than 2 times a month and no longer than 3 days. They have a short-term effect, which must then be stabilized and maintained with proper nutrition on a regular basis.

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Chronic diseases

Overweight accompanies many pathologies – diabetes mellitus, the initial stage of pancreatitis, seasonal allergies to certain types of plant pollen, iron deficiency. A comprehensive examination can show if there are problems in the body, the elimination or at least containment of which will help to start losing weight.

The rapid pace of life forces many people not to get enough sleep and, surprisingly, it is during sleep that the body produces specific hormones and enzymes responsible for the regulation of appetite, the production of vital energy and fat metabolism. Therefore, the inability to lose weight is often eliminated simply by providing a daily sleep of 8-10 hours in favorable conditions.

Inappropriate physical activity

In theory, you can start losing weight by leading a lifestyle in which the workload is limited to the road to work, household chores, walks in the park on weekends.

It’s also realistic not to lose a pound by sweating for hours in the gym and panting from hours of jogging.

First of all, physical activity should be mixed, for example, cardio should be combined with strength exercises, it is necessary to use not only problem areas, but the whole body in general. Any sports task should not only cause a feeling of fatigue, but also normalize and speed up the metabolism.

It is also important to understand that when a person loses weight, he can lose not only body fat, but also muscle mass. While trainers usually advise muscle groups to even build up – after all, they will serve as the basis for the ideal, “beach” body in the future. That is why it is advisable to draw up a training program with the support of a specialist or, at least, seriously studying this issue on your own.

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Lack or excess of fluid

Many diets contain strict requirements for the drinking regime, for example, drinking 3 liters of water per day. However, the amount of fluid required for the full functioning of the body is individual for each person. It is believed that this is about 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. The rate may increase or decrease depending on weather conditions and sports loads. Experts suggest taking into account pure water, fruit and vegetable juices without pulp, as well as milk and whey, soup broth, herbal tea. Drinking yoghurts and black coffee do not count.

If there is not enough fluid, a person may not feel thirsty, but the condition of the cells deteriorates – they are vulnerable to free radicals and cannot actively renew themselves. In addition, chronic dehydration interferes with the production of collagen and elastin, which in the long term, even if you manage to lose weight, can turn into saggy flabby skin in problem areas, which cannot be restored without a beautician.

When a person drinks too much, it puts more stress on the urinary system, including the kidneys. If you also follow a salt-free diet, there is a possibility of disrupting the functioning of the heart and thyroid gland. Plus, due to the fact that the body cannot cope with the removal of excess fluid, swelling may occur, naturally, distorting the real results of weight loss.

Redundant assorted methods

Unfortunately, some people desperately rush from one method of losing weight to another, or even combine them, arguing that at least something will help. For example, a person tries the keto diet and intermittent fasting together. She eats only eggs and oranges for several days, and then chooses a carrot diet, which supposedly helped some star beauty regain shape, and expects instant effects.

Returning to express methods and fasting days, it is worth noting that they give excellent results, provided that the person has already established the metabolism in the body with proper nutrition. But in the vast majority of cases, weight loss is a long process, the result of which is not immediately noticeable.

If you constantly torment the body with many options, then nothing but stress will cause it – the body will simply not have time to rebuild.

blue in the bathroom

In conclusion, it is important to add that in the case when a person’s body weight is much higher than the physiological norm, it is recommended to consult a specialist about the methods and nuances of losing weight. He will tell you how to lose weight without harm to health.

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