5 reasons why hair turns oily and how to fix it

The problem of increased oily hair is of concern to many women. He admits that they wash their hair in the morning, and by the evening their hair is already oily. It looks unattractive. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the reasons why hair becomes oily so quickly, and then solve this problem.

  1. Hormonal background

The work of the sebaceous glands and the amount of fat directly depend on the hormonal background. If it is broken, then this will certainly affect the condition of the hair. If a woman is menopausal, is pregnant, if she is taking oral contraceptives, or for other reasons, hormonal imbalance occurs.

Menopause and pregnancy are natural processes. Therefore, you just need to wait out this period. If the hormonal background is disturbed for other reasons, it is necessary to determine the level of hormones, and then take treatment.

  1. Cortisol

When the body is under stress, the stress hormone cortisol begins to be actively produced. The more it is, the more actively the sebaceous glands work. This means that the hair turns oily very quickly.

All that helps is stress relief. As soon as the inner calmness sets in, the hair will not begin to oily so quickly.5 reasons why hair turns oily and how to fix it

  1. Hot air drying

Hair is more often oily in women who use hot air while drying their hair. Heat makes the scalp dry by drawing in moisture. To restore balance, the sebaceous glands are activated and begin to produce fat.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to blow dry your hair without using a hair dryer. If it is not possible to dry your hair naturally, cold air should be used. Hot will not only lead to increased oily hair, but also make it thin and brittle.5 reasons why hair turns oily and how to fix it

  1. Lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet

Food that lacks minerals and vitamins leads to excessive production of sebum. It is necessary to take vitamin complexes for hair. Today they can be bought at any pharmacy.5 reasons why hair turns oily and how to fix it

  1. Shampoos with sulfates

A lot is known about the dangers of sulfates. They penetrate the hair scales, destroying their structure. To protect itself, the epidermis begins to form a film in the form of fat. The result is oily hair.

It is worth taking care of your hair and buying a shampoo without harmful ingredients. Hair will be thanked with shine and silkiness.5 reasons why hair turns oily and how to fix it

By eliminating the reasons, it will be possible to get rid of the increased oily hair.


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