5 reasons why you can lose hair

Start with a simple test. See if there is a white knot (bulb) at the end of the hair that has fallen out? If not, you can cancel the panic. If not, do not wash your hair for a couple of days and then pull your hair at the crown and temples. If there are more than five hairs left in your hands, you should consult a trichologist. We have counted 5 main causes of hair loss.

1. Inherited

You can’t argue with genes: if one of the parents faced such a problem, then you are at risk. And recently, scientists have found that a genetic predisposition can be inherited not only on the paternal (as previously thought), but also on the maternal line. One way or another, you should only start getting upset if you are losing more than 100 hairs a day.

2. Hormonal changes

Do you think that the problem of hair loss concerns only pregnant women and recently gave birth? But no. This can easily happen with contraceptives. If you notice that your hair is very “climbed” while taking hormonal contraceptives, consult your doctor, perhaps these pills are not suitable for you.

3. Passion for detox diets and poor nutrition

If you decide to go on a detox diet, then it is likely that along with a beautiful figure you run the risk of getting thinning weak hair. The body will redistribute resources, and hair, in its opinion, is not the most important part.

4. Prolonged stress

If you get reprimanded, have a fight with a friend, or just have a bad day, then it’s sad, but doesn’t count. But if you are under stress for a long time, it can easily affect the condition of your hair and scalp.

5. Health

Sometimes we start to notice hair loss and brush it off – they say, bad ecology, stress, unbalanced nutrition … Who knows reasons! But it also happens that the reasons are even more serious: problems with the thyroid gland (the most common), diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure … The main thing here is not to panic, but to go to the doctor and make the correct diagnosis.

But most often we are faced with the so-called seasonal hair loss. You can solve this problem yourself, you just need to choose the appropriate care.

Lotion against hair loss Keraplant, Lisap Milano

Keraplant X-Factor lotion stimulates hair growth and inhibits hair loss, improves elasticity and regulates the secretion of the scalp sebaceous glands.

The price is about 2500 rubles.

Energy gel against hair loss NT Energizing, Davines

The gel is intended for the care of weakened scalp and fragile hair prone to hair loss: it stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp and is an excellent preventive measure against seasonal hair loss.

The price is about 2500 rubles.

Line of funds Full Density Biolage, Matrix

A line of care for fine and thinning hair, which allows you to awaken dormant hair follicles and increase their diameter, which leads to a significant increase in hair density and strength.

Price – from 600 rubles per product.

Restoring agent against hair loss and thinning Shidenkai Hair Loss Treatment, Sensai Hair Care

The product promotes growth, improves the quality, density and volume of hair. Deeply moisturizes dry scalp.

The price is about 2500 rubles.

Means for dry scalp Dry Scalp Treatment, Moroccanoil

The product nourishes the scalp, eliminates itching and discomfort, strengthens the hair follicles from the very roots of the hair.

The price is about 2300 rubles.

Hair Growth Stimulating Scalp Treat, Cliniscalp

Stops active hair loss due to hair depletion and follicle atrophy. Saturates the scalp with nutrients, enhances blood circulation and oxygen flow to the roots, intensively stimulates the growth of new healthy hair.

The price is about 2,000 rubles.

Firming Hair Growth Toner with Rosemary, Weleda

The tonic improves the nutrition of the hair roots, reduces hair loss and stimulates natural growth. By the way, this tool has been produced since 1921!

The price is about 750 rubles.

Tonic “Protection against hair loss. Instant strengthening “, Pantene Pro-V

This light toner is suitable for the daily care of fragile, fragile hair.

The price is about 400 rubles.

Ампулы Tea Tree Hair Lotion, Paul Mitchell

With regular use, ampoules restore hair structure and quickly stop hair loss.

The price is about 3000 rubles.


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