5 reasons why you should give up long nails

Today, the vast majority of women get their nails done. This is commendable, because the hands will immediately tell about the age of their mistress. Well-groomed hands immediately give out a woman who is confident and caring for herself.

More recently, long extended nails were in fashion. Today women decide to wear short nails instead of long ones. This desire can be explained by the following reasons.

  1. Touch phone or tablet

It’s hard to imagine modern life without a touchscreen phone or tablet. You need to move your finger across the screen of these gadgets to find and perform the function you need. Long nails only interfere with this. Short ones, on the contrary, help.5 reasons why you should give up long nails

  1. Lenses

Glasses have been replaced by lenses that are more pleasant to wear than glasses. It is much more convenient to insert and remove lenses with short nails. More precisely, it is difficult to imagine how difficult it is for those girls who have long nails. However, you can use the lens option “day-night”. They need to be changed only once a month. However, even in this case, it is more convenient to do this with short nails.5 reasons why you should give up long nails

  1. Microbes

The microslash that forms between the finger and the nail plate becomes a real breeding ground for microorganisms. An ideal environment for their reproduction is formed. Mushrooms feel best there. As a result, it turns out that the nail plate is affected by the fungus. For this reason, food workers do not grow long nails, but prefer short ones.

  1. Typing

Many women have to work at the computer. It is not very convenient to do this with long nails. When typing, letters are skipped or the wrong keys “cling”. Then all the shortcomings have to be corrected, spending a lot of time on it.5 reasons why you should give up long nails

  1. Child

For many girls, it is the child that becomes the main reason why women refuse long nails. Firstly, it is easier to take care of the child and perform all hygiene procedures with short nails.

Secondly, through negligence, a mother can injure a small child with long nails.5 reasons why you should give up long nails

Today there are many examples of manicure for short nails. Therefore, you can combine beautiful manicure and comfort. It is worth noting that such a manicure looks attractive.

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