5 reasons why you should start using a primer in your makeup

Perfect skin has long ceased to be a dream, because you can achieve the desired effect with the help of makeup. Someone chooses a dense foundation. Others prefer a primer that prepares the skin for makeup. We propose to figure out what kind of remedy it is and why a primer is necessary for every woman today.

What is a primer, what types are there?

Primer Is a makeup base that comes in different textures (gel, cream, liquid). The base color for make-up is predominantly transparent.

The product is applied to cleansed and moisturized skin. Primers in makeup are divided according to their function. There is a primer for the face, eyelids, lips, eyelashes. There is also a base for nails, but this is a completely different tool, it has a different function. The nail primer is not a base. In manicure, it acts as a “coupling” of the base under the gel polish with the nail plate. And the primer in makeup is the base that is applied under the foundation.

The main types of face primers:

  • Liquid usually water or oily base. The first is for oily and problem skin, the second is for dry and combination. Available in a bottle with a pipette or as a spray. It can replace moisturizer in summer. It is recommended to use both products in winter, as the skin needs more care.
  • Cream suitable for women with dry skin. Apply in a thin layer with your fingers.
  • Gel – suitable for long-lasting evening make-up, festive or photo shoots. For daily use, it is recommended to choose liquid or cream.
  • Silicone recommended for adult women who want to mask fine wrinkles. It fills in cracks and voids, evening out the tone.
  • Светоотражающий often used not only as a makeup base, but also instead of a highlighter. In this case, it is applied to the cheekbones, the tip of the nose.
  • Matting essential for women with problem skin and enlarged pores. It perfectly smoothes the tone and removes oily sheen.
  • Color can be used instead of a proofreader. Green neutralizes redness, while purple removes yellowness from the face.

Why you need a primer in makeup: 5 reasons to use it

The most popular primer in makeup is for the face. It performs a number of important functions, such as make-up durability and tone evening under it. An eyelid primer is essential to keep the eyeshadow from rolling. Lips and eyelashes are rarely used. Their main task is to keep the makeup in its original form as long as possible.

Reason 1: Eliminates dark circles under the eyes

Many women develop dark or yellow circles under the eyes with age. Of course, you can mask them with a corrector, but choosing the right shade is quite difficult without knowing all the intricacies of face color correction. A primer is another matter. The base is applied with your fingers to the problem area and does not require any additional action.

Reason 2: Makes the skin velvety

Many women are in constant search of the perfect foundation. But once you discover a primer, it turns out that even the most loose foundation lays down in an even tone, and the skin becomes silky.

Reason 3: Get rid of oily sheen

The problem of the appearance of oily sheen on the face is especially relevant in summer. Someone clogs pores, constantly “dusting” problem areas. Others use a matting primer and have no problems throughout the day. The make-up base does not create a tightness effect, but rather moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Reason 4: Evens out tone

Silicone or gel make-up primer evens out the tone by filling in wrinkles and cracks. As a result, the foundation adheres to the skin smoothly.

Reason 5: Long-lasting makeup

Quite often, at the end of a party or even a working day, it seems that there was no makeup on your face at all, and you were preparing in the morning, putting on makeup. To keep your makeup all day long, experts recommend using a liquid or cream primer.

How to use a primer

The scheme of applying the primer on the face

The makeup primer is easy to apply to the skin, so no one should have problems using this product. We will tell you step by step how to apply the primer to the skin.

  • STEP 1: Cleanse your skin with toner or facial cleanser.
  • STEP 2: Apply moisturizer if you are going to use a silicone, gel, matte primer. For a liquid base with an oily base, preliminary moisturizing of the skin is not necessary. You can also skip this step if you have oily skin.
  • STEP 3: Apply a small amount of makeup base to your face. At the beginning, put points on the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose. Then rub with your fingers. The layer should be thin.
  • STEP 4: Wait for the base to absorb, then apply foundation with a sponge or makeup brush. Don’t forget concealer, blush, and powder.

How to choose a makeup primer?

When choosing a primer for your face, it is important to consider the condition and type of your own skin.

  • For oily type, a water-based, matting agent is suitable. It is recommended to avoid dense, oily textures.
  • For normal skin, a creamy texture is suitable. It is also recommended to pay attention to the presence of moisturizing components in the composition and the SPF factor.
  • For aging skin, a gel or silicone base is recommended. It evens out and smoothes wrinkles.

How is it different from a concealer and corrector?

Makeup with primer

It is difficult to say that a primer, concealer or corrector is better, since these beauty products perform different tasks.

  • Concealer masks problem areas;
  • The primer evens out the tone and prepares the skin for makeup application;
  • The corrector corrects the tone, getting rid of dark, red, yellow spots.

Today, “2 in 1” cosmetics are gaining popularity, for example, concealer + primer. Also, some girls specifically mix the foundation with the base so that it fits better on the skin. In this case, it is important to understand that such a trick can only be done with a cream base, since silicone or gel will not give a uniform consistency.

Face primer: TOP 10 best products

When choosing a primer for your face, it is important to consider its texture and study the composition. For women with problem skin, it is best to pay attention to the presence of soothing ingredients like green tea extract. If the skin is oily and prone to the appearance of an oily sheen, you need an oil-free product, which means there is no oil in the composition.

We have collected the most popular and inexpensive face primers:

A water- or oily-based cream primer and liquid base are the most common varieties. They are also matting and protecting from ultraviolet rays, moisturizing, with reflective particles. The main thing is to study the composition and choose the right product for your own skin type, so as not to irritate it, but rather soothe it and prepare it for applying make-up.

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