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5 salon treatments for face and body that can be done at home

In beauty salons, women are offered a variety of self-care procedures. However, not all representatives of the fairer sex have the opportunity to frequently visit beauty salons. Don’t be upset. In fact, some of the treatments can be done at home.

1. Facial massage

The procedure is a must for those who want their skin to remain young and healthy as long as possible. Several massage courses will cost a decent price from a beautician. Therefore, a woman can cope with this procedure.

All that is needed is to cleanse the skin, wash your hands. Then a cream is applied to the face. Now you can start massage. There are many examples on the Internet of how to properly massage. It is enough to look at how the massage is done correctly and then repeat this procedure. To see the result, massage must be done in courses.

2. Anti-cellulite massage

You can also do anti-cellulite massage yourself. It is best to use a special brush. She has proven herself perfectly, as it gives excellent results. The brush helps to improve blood and lymph flow, and also removes dead skin particles. You also need to purchase a special anti-cellulite cream. It will help you get the effect much faster.

3. Paraffin therapy for hands

One of the most popular procedures in beauty salons. And it costs about a thousand rubles. Not so cheap. Moreover, girls can buy a remedy for a home procedure, which will be enough for several times of use. The procedure is done strictly according to the instructions that are attached to the tool.

4. Sugaring

Shugaring, popular today, is done by women at home. The main thing is the acquisition of something that cannot be dispensed with during the procedure. Everything you need for the procedure can be purchased at the store and then proceed. As in previous cases, you can first learn in detail about how shugaring is done on the Internet.

5. Masks

Facial masks are made in the salon and cost a lot of money. All women are happy with the result. However, the whole point here is in the qualitative composition of the masks. Therefore, any woman can make a mask for herself. These can be ready-made masks, or they can be purchased.

As you can see, each woman can do some salon procedures herself and the result will be no worse than in the salon.


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