5 secrets to hide imperfect legs

Some women don’t like the shape of their legs. Therefore, they prefer to wear pants all the time. However, even in tight pants, imperfect legs will be visible. What can be done in this case, not everyone knows. Therefore, stylists are in a hurry to help. They reveal simple secrets to women that will help to disguise legs that are far from ideal.

  1. Dress with asymmetric hem and belt

An asymmetrical hem will not give an opportunity to see two legs at once. One will be visible more and the other less. In addition, the belt will become an accent that will attract attention. Therefore, an asymmetrical hem is a great solution for girls who are shy about their legs.

  1. Sheath dress

Sheath dress features straight lines that will help make any legs look slimmer. As for the length, here the girl can decide for herself what length to choose. You can put a handkerchief over your legs and see how your legs look better. Stylists advise wearing dresses on the palm below the knee with imperfect legs.5 secrets to hide imperfect legs

  1. Sun and half-cut skirts

Fluffy skirts will help make the look more feminine, which will distract from the legs. If a girl’s legs are too thin, they will always look crooked. Therefore, skirts of the sun and half-sun style will visually make the legs fuller, and also hide all the curvature.5 secrets to hide imperfect legs

  1. Low running shoes

When a representative of the fair half walks on a high stiletto heel, her legs immediately draw attention to themselves. They seem even more imperfect than they really are. Therefore, it is best not to wear a high heel, preferring a low, stable heel. Shoes without a heel will also work.

As for the boots, here you need to choose models with a wide bootleg. It perfectly hides all the flaws in the legs. Even in summer, lace boots can be worn. Even the most imperfect legs will look perfect in them.5 secrets to hide imperfect legs

  1. Bright top

Stylists advise attracting the attention of others with a bright top so that the bottom does not catch the eye. If it is possible to combine the colors of the top and bottom, then all attention will be absorbed by a bright combination of things. Everyone will forget about the legs and will not pay attention.5 secrets to hide imperfect legs

If you think carefully about your wardrobe, you can leave kits that will divert attention to the legs, but will attract to the merits of a particular woman and can emphasize them.


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