5 signs of a man you shouldn’t have a relationship with

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Bridget Jones knows: you can’t fall in love with alcoholics, workaholics, windy types, unfree men, gigolos and perverts.

It would seem that Bridget Jones has already explained everything: “I must stop falling in love with alcoholics, workaholics, windy types, unfree men, moral parasites, gigolo and perverts,” but we will add specifics to this stop-list.

He criticizes you

Bridget Jones Daniel Cleaver relationship love man

Diagnosis: self-affirmation at your expense. Example: Daniel Cleaver, Diary of Bridget Jones.

There are undeniable signals that say that a man should not be contacted – a photo with his wife and children on social networks, an offer to pay for his drink at a bar, a screensaver with an ex-girlfriend on his phone and a collection of collars in the closet, when he only has a bashful ficus of pets … There are also less obvious, but still proven signs that you need to run away from this MCH, and one of them is criticism addressed to you. At first it can be wrapped up in a joke or a friendly teasing, the only difference is that after such “jokes” there is an unpleasant aftertaste and it seems that these comments violate your personal boundaries.

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So – don’t you think. Criticism about weight, proportions, facial features, age, intelligence, culinary talents, ear for music, sexual experience, and more on the list is nothing more than an attempt to instill in you the idea that the way you are, you are not good enough. We don’t know about you, but we fundamentally disagree with that!

He speaks dismissively of women.

The taming of the shrew elia man relationship love

Diagnosis: home tyrant. Example: Elia Codogno, The Taming of the Shrew.

Your counterpart periodically recalls that the most brilliant works of art and the most important scientific discoveries were made by men, argues that the mission of the fair sex is to be faithful wives, bear children and keep an eye on the figure so as not to “swim” after childbirth, loves anecdotes about blondes, girls behind the wheel and a businesswoman, and when you complain about problems at work or misunderstandings with your friends, at best he offers to unwind at shopping or in a beauty salon, and at worst – rolls his eyes: “Pfft, women!”

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It looks like you met a real “alpha male” who considers girls to be the second sex. Remember that his behavior now is just a sample, a “sample” of what awaits you in the future. If you are not ready to play the role of service personnel or a beautiful accessory, leave right now, without waiting for “peritonitis”.

He always consults with his mom.

Sex in the Big City Charlotte's husband Trey McDougall relationship man

Diagnosis: infantilism. Example: Trey McDougall, Sex and the City.

Mom knows what he ate today and how many times, advises what to wear, tells how to answer the boss, and at the end of the day traditionally demands a detailed report for the day. If not even three dates have passed, and his mother has already appeared in your life – she called when you were sitting in the restaurant, helped pick up the bouquet with which he met you, plus he himself mentioned that you can “go to him, because she is not today will be late ”, understand that this man is already busy and has long met the main woman in his life.

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Most likely, it will be mom who will decide who will eventually get her treasure, and will look for some pale copy of her own – a girl who will learn how to smooth down the arrows on her trousers and cook cabbage pie, “as Vadichka loves,” in a word, will be able to take care. If you are closer to other female incarnations – not a mother, but, for example, a mistress or a fighting friend, and you don’t want to adopt a 38-year-old boy, just return Vadichka to his mother.

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He jumps too quickly to the word “we”

the series Friends Ross Geller love relationship married man

Diagnosis: competent pickup. Example: Ross Geller, Friends.

All that was between you was a couple of cups of cappuccino and an exchange of jokes on duty, and he already tells how you will meet old age together in an Alpine chalet surrounded by a dozen grandchildren, or even impromptuly kneels down, folds a ring from a paper clip and offers spend this life together. Needless to say, this is beautiful in a cinematic way and very flattering, because because of such an unearthly you, a man literally lost his head in a matter of minutes.

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Most likely, this is the calculation – your companion perfectly understands what impression romantic spontaneity will make on you, and acts in their own interests. In “Sex and the City” such “fairy princes” were spoken about by the We-word – “a lover of the word” we “, a guy who uses idyllic pictures of the future to quickly get his own and dissolve into the night. But, in fairness, the second option is also possible – the habit of getting married. When a potential groom already has several hasty marriages behind him and, in principle, he does not take this institution seriously. If your idea of ​​a family is “once and for a lifetime”, it is better to wait for the one who does not ripen to the proposal immediately.

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He just really loves … himself

What women want Nick Marshall relationship narcissist man love

Diagnosis: narcissism. Example: Nick Marshall, What Women Want.

He may be beautiful, like Adonis, or he may be a copy of Shrek – it doesn’t matter, he knows exactly how lucky you are with him, and has already hinted at this more than once. If his overestimated self-esteem is based on business achievement, extraordinary intelligence, or popularity with women, this can be lived through – after all, male self-confidence is very attractive.

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If the position “I love myself to tears” is based only on appearance – he does not miss the opportunity to turn around in front of the mirror, flex his muscles, smooth his hair, is well versed in brands, carefully selects outfits and would rather die than leave the house without perfume or unshaven – be prepared that next to him you will have to pass the “conformity” casting every day. Because only the fairest of us deserves to be his companion. And when the day comes for unsuccessful styling, a pimple on the forehead or swelling in the PMS – and it will definitely come – you will receive your first “yellow card”.

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