5 signs that coloring isn’t right for you

Before proceeding with hair dyeing, the fair sex wants to know whether this or that shade of hair is suitable for them or not. Without knowing this, you can not update the image and become more attractive, but on the contrary, spoil everything. All for the reason that coloring may simply not suit the girl. Here are the main signs that this color should not be painted under any circumstances.

  1. Face faded against hair

Most often this happens when a girl becomes blonde. The face immediately turns pale and lost. It is necessary to apply bright makeup. To prevent this from happening, you must abandon the lightening of all hair. You can replace it with highlights. It always looks more advantageous than a solid color. Also, your face will not be lost if you dye your hair with a caramel shade.

  1. The skin begins to “see through”

So they always say about girls with porcelain skin and black hair. Against the black background, light skin begins to “see through” and often does not look very healthy. Naturally, a pale and unhealthy look has never adorned anyone. It is better to choose brown tone or chocolate color instead of black. These noble shades give your skin a radiant look in no time.5 signs that coloring isn't right for you

  1. Face with a red tint

Reddish breakouts, blush and vascular networks in combination with red hair color will create the feeling of a red face. All rashes will be accentuated. Therefore, red is a color for girls with white skin, which does not even have a hint of red. Accordingly, the same applies to the red tone of the paint.5 signs that coloring isn't right for you

  1. The face “turns yellow”

The face may acquire a yellow tint when it is naturally yellow, and the hair is colored golden or orange. These are not the shades that will decorate and make more attractive.5 signs that coloring isn't right for you

  1. Gray mouse

This does not happen so often, but it still happens when the dark-skinned beauties dyed their hair in a calm color. The girl immediately transforms from a bright dark-skinned beauty into an ordinary gray mouse, which can easily get lost in the crowd. Therefore, only bright and saturated colors are suitable for dark-skinned women. They will truly emphasize all the beauty of a woman.5 signs that coloring isn't right for you

Do not be upset when the hair color is not suitable. Today, there are many alternatives to make a coloring that will highlight the face and make it more attractive.

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