5 sophrology exercises to regain self-confidence

1 / Sophrology to dispel doubts and fears: the exercise of fans

– Standing, legs apart to the width of the pelvis, relax as much as possible by adopting calm breathing and close your eyes.

– Inhale through the nose and raise the arms outstretched horizontally.

– Hold your breath for a few seconds.

– Take a long breath through your mouth and shake your hands vigorously (elbows slightly bent) as if you wanted to get rid of a sticky paper at your fingertips

  • On this part of the exercise, have the intention to get rid of any doubts, fears that one could generate lack of self-confidence = we visualize that we evacuate by the fingertips

– At the end of the exhalation, the arms are alongside the body;

– Find normal breathing and appreciate the physical sensations of relaxation.

– Perform the exercise 3 times in a row and each time increasing the intensity of the intention to drive out doubts and fears.

2 / Sophrology to regain a calm and positive state: abdominal breathing

– Sitting or lying down, adopt a comfortable position.

– Make a list of all the contact points that connect the body to the support on which you are installed.

– Place both hands on your stomach, at the level of the navel.

– Fits one abdominal breathing :

  • Breathe in while inflating the belly, feel his hands lift
  • Hold the breath for a few moments
  • Breathe out, letting the stomach lower naturally

– At the end of 3 breathing cycles, become aware of the calm which has settled in oneself, keep this abdominal breathing and continue on 3 other cycles by setting an intention:

  • When inhaling, repeat the word “trust” or the phrase “I trust myself” or “I am confident” to yourself
  • When you exhale, imagine the feeling of confidence spreading in yourself, everywhere in your body.

3 / Sophrology to stimulate the ability to have self-confidence: the visualization of a memory

– Settle down comfortably, sit or lie down, relax as much as possible and adopt calm breathing.

– Remember a specific memory of your life where you were particularly confident, where you had the ability to assert yourself:

  • Relive the situation, the context.
  • Visualize the scene as a spectator, visualize yourself and become aware of our attitude, posture, way of speaking when we feel confident.
  • Then live the memory from the inside and become aware of the physical sensations, the emotions that we perceive when we feel conscious.
  • Anchor these sensations, this feeling of self-confidence in the present.

4 / Sophrology to activate vitality: the exercise of the polichinelle

– Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, close your eyes

– Inhale deeply through the nose;

– Hold the breath and hop on the spot as relaxed as possible:

  • the goal of the exercise is to feel liberated, well in your body: on each small jump, to feel your body at the same time flexible, without tension and at the same time well toned

– Blow hard through the mouth and return to static positions, firmly anchored in the ground

– Appreciate the overall state of his body, his mind

– Perform the exercise 3 times in a row.

5 / Sophrology to project yourself into the future and experience its transformation: positive “futurization”

– Comfortably installed, sitting or lying down relax as much as possible and adopt a calm breathing

– Imagine and visualize a precise future situation that one will experience confidently or project oneself into his daily life as an assertive and confident person.

Thanks to Laurène Clavier, sophrologist in the Paris region. You can find it on his website and on on the facebook page.



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