5 styles of skirts that are no longer in vogue

Many women will agree that a skirt is the most versatile thing. With it, you can create a variety of images, suitable for all occasions. One gets the impression that all styles of skirts are always in fashion and will never become outdated. In fact, it’s not like that. And skirts go out of fashion and become obsolete over time. Here are some of these styles.

  1. Skirt sun-flared above the knee

This style always evokes associations with youth and mischief. One gets the impression that the girl who wears a flare is a funny laugh. Maybe it is so. However, fashion dictates its own rules, according to which it is not recommended to wear mini. If you really like the sun-flared, and the girl does not want to completely part with this model, then it is better to choose the midi length. She does not look defiant, and this is the main thing this season.

  1. Skirt with ruffles

Once upon a time, flounces gave the skirt mystery and romanticism. Ruffles and flounces made the skirt more feminine. Today, a problem arises: not much goes with such a skirt. Tops, tees, shirts and sweaters – nothing fits. You can safely get rid of this thing, freeing up space in the closet for new things.

  1. Leather mini skirt

Not only is the mini out of fashion today, but also the mini in leather looks just vulgar. Even if nature has awarded the girl with a beautiful and slender figure, it is better not to wear such a skirt. She will betray a woman’s lack of taste.

  1. Midi length skirt

The straight skirt went out of fashion for a reason. The fact is that she shortens her legs too much. They seem disproportionate to the body. It gives the impression of a long body and short legs. A woman will not look in her best light. You should always adhere to the rule: clothes should emphasize the advantages, and hide the shortcomings.

  1. Balloon skirt

Stylists consider a balloon skirt to be the most unfortunate option of all of the above. The thing is that a girl with any type of figure looks worse in a balloon than she really is. The balloon skirt is too plump, turning slender girls into crumpets, and fat girls into a ball. You can get rid of this style without any regret.

Stylists advise buying a skirt in accordance with your body type, personal preferences and fashion trends. Then it will turn out to take into account all the necessary parameters that will help you choose the ideal option.

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