5 super plants from around the world

The cistanche tubulosa

It is in the Takla-Makan desert in northwestern China, one of the most isolated places in the world, that we find this strange flower. Unlike most plants, it does not get its energy from photosynthesis, but by parasitizing another plant. Similar to a long, yellow tube or bell, it is prized for its blood glucose regulation abilities, making it a great bulwark against diabetes.

The rhodiole

It is the plant of cold regions par excellence. Present in the arctic regions and in the European mountain ranges, it is indicated in case of depression, significant stress or burn out.


It is the fruit of the pinot palm, native to northern South America. Small blackish berry similar to a blueberry, it is very rich in antioxidants (three times more than the famous Goji berries !)


Also called an Indian date, it can be found in East Africa, South Asia, and Central America. A kind of bean wrapped in a brownish pod, it allows pregnant women to limit vomiting, and limit high blood pressure and asthenia.

The corossol

Native to Latin America, it contains its benefits under its strange shell covered with protuberances. In addition to its high content of vitamin B and C, this white fruit may be effective against certain cancers resistant to chemotherapy, even if clinical trials do not yet allow this conclusion to be reached.


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